ROC cherishes ties with Honduras: Taiwanese official

Taipei, Dec. 21 (CNA) The Republic of China (Taiwan) cherishes its ties with Honduras, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed Friday after the Central American ally’s president said it may be interested in establishing formal ties with China.

China ROC spokesman Steve Hsia

China ROC spokesman Steve Hsia

“If our allies want to develop trade and commercial relations with China, the ROC government will not oppose it, but it does not wish to see allies taking actions that could undermine our bilateral friendship,” ministry spokesman Steve Hsia said.

Hsia was responding to reports citing a statement by Honduras’ presidential office Wednesday.

“President Porfirio Lobo Sosa confirmed this Wednesday that clear intentions exist to open diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China, a situation that should not affect relations with Taiwan,” the statement said.

“In the 21st century, one can’t keep thinking that expanding relations with one country means being the enemy of another,” the statement read.

The Honduran president has said his government will open a trade office in China as part of a campaign to develop closer ties with Beijing.

The statement came after Simon Ko, Taiwan’s vice foreign minister, said at the Legislative Yuan in Taipei Monday that Taiwan hoped Honduras would not establish the commercial office in mainland China.

Taiwan Embassy and Consulate in Honduras

Taiwan Embassy in Honduras
Embajada de la República de China (Taiwán)
Colonia Lomas del Guijarro, calle Eucaliptos, casa 3750
Tegucigalpa, Honduras, C.A.
Telephone / Télefonos: 22395837 / 22393062 / 22393237
Fax: 22320532 / 22355662
Apartado Postal : 3433
Web Site
Página web:
COnsulate office in Honduras
Consulado General de la República de China (Taiwán)
Residencial El Pedregal, 25 calle,
22 y 23 avenida S.O, casa No. 16
San Pedro Sula, Honduras, C.A
Telephone / Teléfonos: 25660539 / 25661435
Fax: 25664625
Apartado Postal: 4298

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry has asked Taiwan’s embassy in Tegucigalpa to find out more about the statement made by the Honduran presidential office and convey the message that the ROC government cherishes its ties with Honduras, Hsia said Friday.

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