Roatan’s Mahogany Bay Cruise Terminal

No need to leave port!

No need to leave port!

The newest Cruise Ship Terminal at Mahogany Bay Roatan is nothing less than extreme.  As someone who has never been on a cruise ship, it was incredible to look around at what makes a cruise ship port possible.

Director of the operation, Mike Reimers, showed us around one morning.   Mike used to be a dive instructor on the Bay Islands over 15 years ago.  He then got a job on Carnival as a dive instructor.  Over the years he moved around and had a myriad of jobs (including one as a diver for the O show in Vegas) before being called back in by Carnival to manage a cruise ship terminal in Grand Turk.  When Carnival decided to purchase and develop Mahogany Bay, Mike was asked to move again.  Why not?  Diving, fishing, sun and back in Honduras sounds perfect.

Too tired to walk?  Not to worry-take the Magical Flying Beach Chair.

Too tired to walk? Not to worry-take the Magical Flying Beach Chair.

We started on the outside and headed in.  There is everything a cruiser might want right there.  No need for excursions or heading to town.  Restaurants, shops, history exhibits, bars, beaches, wildlife, and more.  Most retail locations are paid for by big corporations, some by small local business, and some are given as part of supporting the community of Roatan which is why there is an informational kiosk for the Roatan Marine Park inside the gates.

Beach chairs as far as the eye can see.

Beach chairs as far as the eye can see.

Since there were actually no cruise ships in port it seemed very empty, I can only imagine what 5,000 people look like in this space. That is more people than the town I live in.   I have a feeling I would be running from the claustrophobia.  As Mike drove the golf cart over to the beach, we walked a small nature trail complete with iguanas, orchids, and park benches to take in the views.  Of course if you can’t be bothered with walking there is a chair lift.  Passing over a bridge to a private island, we saw the future.  A special dolphin encounter area, to be operated by RIMS of Anthony’s Key.  So passengers don’t have to leave the premises, ever.  On to the beach, situated over a beautiful blue water, snorkeling a short distance to the reef, beach chair like I have never seen.  I think over 100.  Bars and restaurants galore.  You will not go hungry or dry here.

Mike and his trusty dog.

Mike and his wheels.

So if you are booking a cruise, see if Roatan’s Mahogany Bay is on your itinerary.  Even though the ships are in port for merely a day, if you are looking for easy and relaxing, just spend the day at the cruise center.

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