Roatan – Beautiful in November

Interested in visiting multiple countries without having to pack and unpack your suitcase? Perhaps you are traveling with several generations and wondering how you are going to keep the teens happy, as well as grandma.

Have you considered taking a cruise?

“I think cruising is one of the best values, and the food is good,” says Pacifica’s Marisol Vuskovic. The retired travel agent and cruise enthusiast has sailed with Princess Cruises 18 times and enjoys repeat customer benefits such as cabin upgrades, complimentary laundry and mini bar and 150 free Internet minutes.

“Cruising is especially good for families,” notes Vuskovic. “They can do as little or as much as they like and make use of the kids program.”

Authentic Roatan, Honduras

The Crown Princess docked in Roatan to threatening skies and rough seas. I had booked a dolphin encounter shore excursion, but selected “Best of Roatan” as all water activities were canceled. Our van traveled to Dixon Cove harbor, where we were to board a boat to see the shipwrecks. Travel Tip: November is still the rainy season.

Our journey continued to watch Garifuna, descendants of black Carib Indians, play music and share traditional dances that have been handed down from generation to generation since they settled here in 1797. We tasted local cuisine like Yuka bread and Machuca, a mix of mashed plantain, white fish and coconut milk.

Stingrays and Dolphins

As I jumped into the brilliant aquamarine Caribbean water, I laughed at the fact that I was standing waist deep on a sand bar in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on Grand Cayman. Our guide had cautioned us to shuffle our feet along the sand so as not to step on stingrays.

Holding a chunk of squid in my hand, stingrays glided by, softly brushing my legs with their wings. As I reached down to feed the mama, she sucked the squid out of my hand like a Hoover vacuum. The suction power on those stingrays is amazing!

Leaving Stingray City, we were headed to Morgan’s Harbor for a dolphin swim in the lagoon. It was my first dolphin encounter, and I was caught off guard when Nemo popped out of the water like a cork and planted a salty kiss on my cheek. I was grinning ear to ear when I grabbed onto his fins and hitched a ride.

The adventure continues tomorrow – for tonight, we enjoyed fine cocktails and a leisurely walk along the beach in the moonlight. The things only dreams are made of!

What a Trip: Caribbean pleasures
By Nancy D. Brown

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