Roatan Approves Solar Power Project

An 18.5 megawatt solar power project is to be built on Roatan, one of the Bay Islands of Honduras.

The project was approved at the end of September, and is expected to take approximately nine months to complete, at a cost of $84 million (U.S. Dollars).

The Colorado (United States) based company, ONYX, is behind the solar project, and sees it as a perfect opportunity to debut their newly branded 280-watt solar panel. Another project goal is to assist Honduras to become more self-reliant for electrical power.
Roatan Honduras Approves Solar Power Project
Currently, Honduras is struggling to keep up with the increasing need for power, and Venezuelan diesel (used for electrical generation) is being offered as a quick fix. It is a tricky option, however, as reliance on Venezuelan diesel means prices might be raised and lowered by Venezuela as they see fit, putting Honduras in an uncomfortable political situation.

Solar power has been presented as a more realistic solution to solve this pressing issue, and reduce reliance on Venezuelan diesel.

The island of Roatan is a renowned tourist destination, and a significant source of revenue for Honduras. Roatan has a large American expat population and a perfect location for ONYX’s first diesel reduction solar project. In fact, the July 2011 issue of “Islands Magazine” rated Roatan the number one island to retire on in the world.

To read the entire Roatan Solar Project documentation, download the .PDF file here.

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