RNP May Impact Honduras Primary Elections

registro nacional de las personas de hondurasEmployees of the National Registry of Persons (RNP) have given the finance authorities 24 hours to pay employees for their overtime and vacation, or have threatened a strike. With only 10 days before elections at that point, it could cause signifiant problems for many Hondurans who have not yet received an identity card, which is necessary to vote in the primary elections coming up on November 18, 2012.

Reinaldo Vasquez, one of the employees and a union member of the RNP, said they are meeting with finance officials, and depending on that outcome, they will decide if they must enact nation-wide measures. He said that on the eve of the internal electoral process, the workload will be double, so employees are demanding that at least their current outstanding overtime be paid.

He noted that there are some employees who have been paid only 40% of their salary for July, and most of them are still owed payment for their overtime from August to date, as well as vacation pay for September, and now October.

Only 12 days remain before the Honduras primary election, and a work stoppage by RNP employees could paralyze the issuance of the single most important document that allows Hondurans to cast their votes.

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