Real Estate Tips for Selling Your Home

Real Estate Tips for SellersSelling your home? Take a look around your house and consider these real estate tips from the experts who stage homes. Some small changes can make a big difference in whether your property is just looked at, or sold!

The First Thing a Buyer Sees –  Your Front Yard

  • Ensure your lawn and bushes are trimmed and weed any garden
  • Add a touch of welcoming cheer to your porch, walkway, or doorway with potted plants
  • Create a “new” feeling by giving your front door a coat of paint
  • A narrow and dark hallway would benefit from a light color of paint and a wide floor runner
  • A new front door mat is a must

General Living Areas

  • Use neutral colors and add a fresh coat of paint
  • Ensure the carpets are cleaned
  • Get marked or damaged wood floors re-sanded and polished
  • Create a focus point in the room


  • Replace or polish floorboards and broken tiles
  • Update an older kitchen with new cupboard and drawer handles
  • Clear clutter from countertops and room
  • Add a fresh coat of paint


  • Spotless and clean tiles are a must
  • Fix cracked basins, toilets or tubs
  • Add a non-intrusive air freshener to the bathroom before inspections
  • Add style with towels, soaps, a plant or some flowers
  • Add a fresh coat of paint


  • Reduce the amount of furniture in small bedrooms to give the idea of more space
  • Add some luxury with fresh linen, pillows and extra cushions
  • De-personalize your bedroom, but add little touches like candles.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint

Outside – Backyard

  • Trim your lawn and weed any flower boxes or garden
  • Add a focal point
  • Introduce color with pots of flowers

Final Touches

  • Have all areas dusted, swept or vacuumed
  • Confirm light bulbs in all areas are working
  • Add color to neutral rooms with limited accessories (careful with patterned accessories, they can create a cluttered feeling)

Hopefully these tips have gotten you thinking about what you can do to help a realtor sell your home. If you have any questions, or would like more real estate tips, visit Re/Max Bay Island’s  Roatan Real Estate website.

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