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As the main seaport for the country of Honduras, Puerto Cortes is easily accessible; the port is located just 48 hours from Miami by ship. In a protected deep water bay, Puerto Cortes services the Atlantic Ocean, where a great deal of traffic transpires between the Honduran and Central American ports. With all the international trade taking place, Puerto Cortes has grown into a wonderful tourist destination for Honduras. The port even docks cruise ships.

The city itself has all the typical ‘things to do’ one might expect. Movies, restaurants, and even a Farmer’s Market on Saturdays. If you plan to be in Honduras at the end of August, Puerto Cortes is not to be missed! For two weeks, the town celebrates the ‘Virgen de la Asuncion’, their patroness, with various festivities. The final event, ‘Noche Veneciana’ takes place on the last Saturday, with a spectacular evening boat parade complete with glowing lights and fireworks.

Along the coast are the towns of Travesia, Bajamar, and Maseca. They are the most well-known Garifuna communities in the country, and worth a visit. If you enjoy a bit more rigorous activities, such as hiking and biking, Puerto Cortes has trails leading to secluded waterfalls, and superb views of the Caribbean Sea, with tropical plants and unique animals to entertain you along the way.

This area of Honduras has much to offer. It is very popular, as both the locals and tourists alike enjoy a trip to Puerto Cortes.

Puerto Cortes

Puerto Cortes

As its name implies, Puerto Cortes is a "Port", and considered the best most modern, and largest port, in Central America on the Caribbean side.

Thanks to the magnitude of the activity, and modern operations of the port, and the highway that connects it to the Golfo de Fonseca Port located in San Lorenzo, Honduras is an "alternate" Panama Canal for many enterprises who wish to transport cargo between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. This was part of the attraction for the Russians during the cold war, the strategic possibilities they saw in being able to avoid the Panama Canal and be closer to Cuba and Fidel Castro’s revolution. The desire to have its own "Panama Canal" was one of the various factors which led to the famous "Soccer War" between Honduras and El Salvador back in 1969. El Salvador claimed that the eastern border area, including Copan, all the way to the Caribbean Sea, fairly close to Puerto Cortes and its "deep water" benefits, was intended to be theirs based on very old maps. They eventually produced these maps to the World Court, which upheld the existing Honduras borders after many years of proceedings.

Half of Honduras trade comes and goes through Puerto Cortes, and has generated an abundance of industrial businesses, largely in the manufacturing and assembly of apparel. This has facilitated the growth of the area all the way to the industrial capital of Honduras, San Pedro Sula, which is located one hour away.

Near the port, the "Coca Cola beach" is very popular to locals and tourists. The beach becomes crowded on weekends and holidays, as it is customary for Honduran workers to gather up their families and head to the rivers and oceans to relax after a long work week. If you wish to avoid these crowds, nearby Omoa, as well as various rivers along the way east towards Guatemala and Belize provides nice alternatives.

An interesting attraction for foreign tourists, as well as Expats and volunteers who do not have permanent residency in Honduras, is the fact that there is a cost effective ferry operating weekly between Honduras and Belize, providing a close place for a brief respite for those who do not wish to leave when their tourist visa is up. The widely disliked law requires expired tourist visa holders to exit the country for a minimum of 72 hours to a non-adjacent country. In order to accomplish the renewal, many opt to take the Belize Ferry – "D" Ferry from Puerto Cortes to Big Creek / Mango Creek and Placencia, Belize which leaves every Monday and returns on Wednesdays.

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