Honduras Primary Elections today – Time to vote!

Honduras Elections - Voting Booth

Honduras Elections – Voting Booth

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November 18, 2012
by Honduras Political Analyst o MaR Jr – (Disclaimer)


Today November 18th is Election Day in Honduras! Three different parties are participating in this civic event to determine who will be the candidates that will participate in the 2013 general elections. Only three of the nine registered political parties are participating in today’s process: The Liberal and National Party’s which are the traditional players in Honduras’ up to now bipartisan political system and the new Libre, a party that sprung off the Liberal Party and is commandeered by ex President Zelaya.

Honduras electoral law prohibits the publication of exit polls, which means that Honduras will have to wait until the National Electoral Authority is ready to provide results. They have anticipated that they should have the first results for the presidential candidates by 7:00 p.m. tonight. At stake are not only the presidential candidates, but also the totality of Congress (128 members) plus the municipal authorities for the 298 municipalities in the country. However it will be several days before we have the results for these posts.

Last night things were very quite throughout Honduras, which was under what they call a “dry law”, meaning that the sale of alcoholic beverages was prohibited. As such, many bars and pubs didn’t even open. This morning, things are running smoothly throughout the country as far as the electoral process is concerned, with the only valid complaint so far is the fact that some of the voting stations opened a few minutes after their scheduled opening time of 7:00 a.m.

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