Honduras Celebrates One Nation, One Day

President Pepe Lobo was at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium in San Pedro Sula on Saturday night to join in the closing ceremony for the national campaign,”One Nation, One Day”.  This celebration was held simultaneously in all 18 department capitals, and proclaimed that effective July 20, 2013, that “Honduras is a country blessed, where there will be peace and love in families.”
Prior to initiating the formal events of the crusade, in one of the dressing rooms of the sports facility, the President, along with the American preacher, Dominic Russo, pastors Misael Argeñal, Mario Fonseca and Ismael Mejía, the president of the Honduras National Congress, Juan Orlando Hernandez and his wife, Ana Garcia Hernandez, Judge Edith Lopez, and the Ministers of Education, Marlon Escoto and Tourism, Nelly Jerez, and the vice chancellor and executive director of the Presidential Office, Diana Valladares, proclaimed the five principles for a new Honduras based on love, respect, peace, family and living in harmony in society.

Preacher Russo said that the declaration is founded on five pillars for society: “In the new Honduras we love ourselves”, “we love our children and we provide a good education,” we “love our family and encourage values”, “love our neighbor and make peace,” “love our nation, so we have a prosperous future”.  “We welcome the new Honduras,” said Russo.

He explained that with this day of prayer and proclamation, there is a call for a national reconciliation, with values ​​of unity, respect, tolerance, love, kindness and fear of God, which will lead to peace reigning in the streets around the country.

“Today we open a new chapter on the statistics that have marked Honduras. Officially, violence and crime will disappear from these studies,” Russo proclaimed.

The preacher said the idea of ​​Saturday’s celebration was born from the words of the prophet Isaiah, who asked, “Can an entire nation be saved in one day?”  The hope is to realize this by the establishment of July 20th in Honduras, as “One Nation, One Day “.

“With President Lobo, from the beginning more than two years ago, we supported the passage of legislation to make One Nation, One Day a reality.  To provide nourishment for the soul,” he said.

The President of Honduras pronounced, “Today is an extraordinary day for Honduras.  Not even the mighty rain that fell in San Pedro Sula has stopped the enthusiasm and fervor of the churches that have congregated for One Nation, One Day”.

President Lobo said that due to the efforts of the Government in the field of security, they have achieved in 2013 for 56 of the 298 municipalities to have no registered homicides.

“In 2013, what we have achieved is that in 56 municipalities, there are not recorded a single loss of human life; this means that it is not the number of police and military who are on the streets, but is the inner conversion that exists in the person,” the President said.

The President was hopeful that this event may change the life of the country, its embracing a culture of peace and love. “On behalf of the people of Honduras Dominic Russo, thank you.  Also to the more than two thousand missionaries who have come to hold this crusade of love and reconciliation of the Honduran family, you have our blessings and are always welcome in Honduras”, he said.

President Lobo Joins in Closing Prayer for One Nation One Day

President Lobo Joins in Closing Prayer for One Nation, One Day

President Pepe Lobo and the evangelist Dominic Russo, on the main stage of the Olympic Stadium, joined Pastor Misael Argeñal, who prayed for the president and the mayor of San Pedro Sula, Juan Carlos Zuniga, so with the wisdom and guidance of God, in the last six months remaining to their administrations, they can build projects and programs of benefit to the public.

In his message to the thousands of faithful from different church denominations, Russo asked the extortionists and thieves to repent, and pick up the phone to apologize to their victims.

He also demanded of the religious leaders, before pointing at men who do evil, first look at your heart.

“President Lobo will not continue to run the same nation, this is the new nation,” said the evangelist.

In this day’s celebration of prayer, worship and proclamation, it is estimated that more than one million people gathered in stadiums and central squares in the 18 departmental capitals.  This is the first time in the world such a crusade was held and broadcast live via satellite to 200 countries.


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