Pleasant Day Hikes in Trujillo

There are several pleasant day hikes that you can make from town. The CAPIRO/CALENTURA National Park offers panoramic views of Trujillo Bay, the Aguan Valley and the nearby Bay Islands. To get to the peak of the mountain, follow the dirt road that passes by Hotel Villas Brinkley, upwards for roughly three hours. Get an early start so that you can view the active morning bird and animal life.

La Cascada Rio Negro waterfall is another impressive spot not far from town. Most people will give you directions to the falls, a hike that takes at least two hours round-trip from the soccer stadium. Wear long pants, shoes, and bring insect repellent and drinking water. Be advised that the trail is not regularly maintained, and at times, waterlogged (during the rainy season). This hike is for the slightly adventurous soul who wants to experience the raw beauty of an untamed tropical forest. Another great swimming spot close by is the Rio Grande (Grand River). Take a Santa Fe bound bus (which leaves from the Old Cemetery) and get off after you cross over Rio Grande (which is right outside of town). To the left there is a dirt path. Follow that path, which parallels the river, for about 10 minutes. You will find a variety of small waterfalls and great swimming holes to explore.

Hiking in Honduras

Hiking in Honduras

El Refugio de Silvestre Laguna de Guaimoreto is a wildlife refuge and mangrove lagoon located just five short kilometres northeast of Trujillo. Amidst red, black and white mangroves you can discover a wide variety of mammals and birds, including brown pelicans and herons, among others. Either hire a local guide to take you by boat, or rent a canoe and row to the mouth of the lagoon where you can learn how to fish with the locals. Felipe Nataren (434 28 06), a local tour guide, can take you to the lagoon.

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