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Honduras Orphanages

Honduras Orphanages

Honduras Orphanage & Orphans
Helping Honduras Kids (HHK) is a non-profit VOLUNTEER organization that manages a Children’s Home (ORPHANAGE), caring for children who have been abandoned. Located in the precious Pico Bonito National park zone on the edge of the River Cangrejal in La Ceiba Honduras. Built the “Jungle School” which helps transport the kids up and down the river communities to attend school rain or shine.

Children of the Light, La Ceiba Honduras Home for boys founded nearly 13 years ago by Bill Kwiatkowski and co-director Mary Kwiatkowski along with a growing number of staff members help the project stay operationa; provides hope for children of Honduras who have been rescued from abuse, abandonment and life on the street. This ministry has depended on the support of volunteer teams to build and plan most of the children homes, buildings and other structures. The project began with one small preexisting home and the property adjacent to the Golozon Airport. Now, because of the volunteer teams that have come over the many years, there are two homes for the boys, a large two-story school building, a basketball and soccer area, a dining hall / recreation area, playroom and a chapel. As well as two wonderful German Shepherd guard dogs donated by Honduras.com

Children of the Light - Niños de la Luz, La Ceiba, Honduras

Children of the Light – Niños de la Luz, La Ceiba, Honduras

Orphanage Emmanuel Orphanage Emmanuel is located in Guaimaca, Honduras. Orphanage Emmanuel allows you to help by sponsoring a child, being a volunteer, or donating money.

Roatan Childrens Home Roatan Childrens Home Orphanage, The Majken Broby Childrens Home Orphanage located in Gravel Bay, Roatan, Honduras. An orphanage for the children of Roatan, Honduras.

Limon Honduras Orphanage Dr. Susan Caldwell journeyed on a medical mission trip with the Carolina Honduras Health Foundation to Limón, Honduras. She fell in love with the place, its people, and fighting against its problems. Forever changed by her experience, Dr. Caldwell founded the non-profit group, Limón Aid. The Carolina Honduras Health clinic in Limón provides life-saving services to thousands of Hondurans.

COPPROME childrens’ shelter founded in 1989 by Sister Teresita Gonzalez and the citizens of El Progreso, Honduras. Offer’s protection, love and education to children who have been abandoned or are at risk due to the extreme poverty of their families. They provide food, shelter, education, and love to over 60 children from ages 2 to 18.

The Good Shepherd Children’s Home is in the hill country of the Zamorano Valley in San Francisco, Honduras. It is about one hour southeast of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the capitol. They house nearly 150 kids.

Farm of the Child Farm of the Child is an orphanage, Catholic school, medical clinic and community outreach program serving one of the poorest regions in the western hemisphere; located in Trujillo, Honduras.

Honduras Orphanage Mission for Education H.O.M.E. is an organization that provides disadvantaged orphans in Honduras with a private Christian education to help them build life skills, character, and a solid foundation in Christ.

Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries – Greenfield Children’s Home is a non-denominational, Christian ministry to the less fortunate residents of the Island of Roatan, Honduras. They aim to demonstrate and teach the love of Jesus Christ by using God’s provisions to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional and educational needs of children residing at Greenfield Children’s Home and to impact the community for Christ.

Promise Home Honduras is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that wants to grow the kingdom by ministering to the needs of the abused, abandoned, and neglected of Honduras. Officially Hogar de la Promesa provides physical and spiritual care and aims to create educated leaders that will become agents for change along with a self-sustaining environment so they are not completely dependent upon U.S. financial support for daily operations.

El Hogar provides a loving home and education in a Christian environment for abandoned, orphaned and hopelessly poor children, enabling them to fulfill their ultimate potential as productive human beings in Honduras.

Casa Del Niño is a non profit organization located in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. The Casa currently provides for over 20 young boys.

Mama Tara MamaTara Miskito Orphanage, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) interdenominational, Christian agency providing for the physical and spiritual needs of Miskito Indian children of the Mosquito Coast of Honduras.

Leonarda’s Home Of Hope Today the orphanage operates in an abandoned hotel with the children sleeping in three bedrooms. In 2008 the owners allowed a bar/disco to rent an attached portion of the hotel. Though a new orphanage was a vision prior to the establishment of this bar/disco, the vision has become necessity and a new facility is currently under construction.

Leonarda's Home Orphanage - Limon, Honduras

Leonarda’s Home Orphanage – Limon, Honduras

Hope Farm Building a reputation of having great food at affordable prices, hopes to train Hondurans to feed themselves and have a brighter future for their children. They also hope to tap the expertise of other marketplace ministry leaders with some strategic partnerships and training.

Hope in Honduras Often the necessity to work leaves mothers with only two options. She must either leave her children at home by themselves or place them in an orphanage. Nueva Esperanza provides an alternative by offering daily care to meet their physical needs. These include food, clothing, medical attention and education.

La Finca de los Niños orphanage in Valle de Angeles, Honduras; La Finca de Los Ninos is and interdenominational Christian home for homeless children in Honduras. It is located on a farm of approximately one hundred acres in a beautiful mountain valley outside of Tegucigalpa. These kids are raised by volunteers who run the orphanage year-round. The children attend grades one through six at a Christian school in the community. Following graduation from elementary school, their education generally continues at the village “Colegio” where the combined study of academic and trade/technical subjects prepare them for a career. Some go on to special schools or university. Because the Government is so uptight on child orphans, it is next to impossible for these kids to ever make it to a decent home, much less in the United States. The closest we can get to adopting them is visiting as often as possible and continuing the relationships we form with the kids and those who run the orphanage.

Casa Cielo “House of Heaven” Honduras Orphanage LA Ceiba, Honduras, C.A. ROC Ministry is a non-profit organization that provides help to those in need.Through Casa Cielo Orphanage, Gnosis Institute of Creative Learning, Compassion House, Construction of an Orphanage, assisting 5 public schools, and doing several community projects.

My Little Lambs Orphanage located in the Bo. El Carrizal, Taulabe Municipality, near the city of Siguatepeque. For many years it has been a desire in our hearts to establish a secure and clean place for the orphans and abandoned children of Honduras. By personal experience, traveling to this country since 1986, I have been witness of the great need that exists in this country, seeing so many poor and hungry children on the streets, in need of attentions and care, with no future ahead for their lives.

Montaña de Luz volunteers is to building a better reality for children in Honduras who are infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS. A faith based organization that believe that every person has the right to live with dignity and respect. At Montaña de Luz they provide comprehensive care for their children which includes education, medical care, and emotional and spiritual support.

City of Hope Orphanage Provides a safe and nurturing home for orphans, and abused or neglected children in the central regions of Honduras. Mentors, trains and educates these precious members of society to be able to go out into the world as happy, loving, well-adjusted adults. Instills in each child the knowledge and love of God through the teaching of His Word; and encourages each one to recognize and grow in their individual, God given talents.

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