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Omoa ranks up there with Honduras top destinations for colonial history. White sand beaches and calm waters that carry gentle breezes provide a great view of dolphins who love the harbor.

Known as the home of the San Fernando Fort, built by the Spanish in the late 1700’s. Construction of "Castillo de San Fernando" began in 1759, in order to protect against the many attempts of foreign invasion and pervasive attacks by pirates. The adjacent museum, built in the past decade, has been a work in progress. It features a very rich history, and artistic display of the way Omoa was in the late 1700’s. The fortress was also used as a prison for many years. When it became a tourist attraction, a long term restoration and protection plan was placed into action.

During the colonial era, Omoa was the most important port on the Atlantic coast of Central America. The goods collected from Honduras were sent by ship to Spain from this location. As it became well known, a large fort needed to be constructed overlooking the port, to handle the onslaught of pirates. Buccaneers eventually torched the fort, and the Omoa Fortress of San Fernando followed.

The Jaloa Wetlands are part of Omoa, where animals, birds, reptiles (alligator, turtle, iguana) and mammals (manatees, howler monkey, otter) await you. Along the Mogotillo trail, you can enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Mogote River in the middle of a forest jungle. There are many species of birds, and the sparkling waters of the Mogote River wind around huge rocks that form large pools, ideal for cooling off. “La Piedra Cocha” in Omoa is another beautiful area to hike, consisting of several natural caves embedded in the canyon of the Masca River.

At the base of La Piedra Cocha lives the Garifuna community of Masca, where it is possible to enjoy Garifuna cuisine. Typical foods such as conch soup, fried fish, cassava and coconut bread.

There is no lack of things to do in Omoa. Plenty of beaches, water parks, spas, restaurants and picnic areas throughout.



Honduras beaches have always been a great attraction for tourism, and Omoa is no exception. Omoa boasts a nice beach, and various restaurants where you can gaze at the bountiful dolphins who claim the area as one of their habitats. Omoa is located just 10 miles east of Puerto Cortes, and many tourists find the beaches and restaurants less crowded.

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