Nombre de Dios National Park

Los Chorros in Nombre de Dios National Park

Los Chorros in Nombre de Dios National Park

Nombre de Dios National Park (Name of God) is one of the youngest national parks in Honduras, having been declared a national park by Congress in 2006, during the Maduro administration. Because of this, the park still has limited infrastructure. It is located adjacent to Pico Bonito National Park, and shares the  Cangrejal River as a border on its western end with that park.

Although the park is new, there are already several small hotels and lodges within its limits, such as La Villa de Soledad, Casa Cangrejal, Villas Pico Bonito, Omega Tours Jungle Lodge, Las Cascadas Lodge, Jungle River Lodge, and El Encanto de Doña Lidia, all along the Cangrejal River.

There are a couple of trails into the park which are private trails, but for a small fee, tourists are welcome.

The Nombre de Dios National Park’s eastern border is the Papaloteca River, located in the Municipality of Jutiapa, approximately 25 kilometers east of the Cangrejal River in La Ceiba. Towards the North the Caribbean Sea is the limit along part of the area, offering not only beaches, but also lagoons and mangroves.


Visitor's Center Displays at Cacao Lagoon

Displays at the Visitor’s Center at Cacao Lagoon

Cacao Lagoon

The most visited area of the park is probably the Cacao Lagoon, a lovely lagoon where you can enjoy a sea kayak tour and where you are almost guaranteed to see either howler or white faced monkeys!

Several operators provide tours here; the most reputable ones are La Moskitia Ecoaventuras ( and Omega Tours (  Fupnand, the NGO that manages the park has a brand new visitors center at the Cacao Lagoon that has a nice exhibit with insects from the park as well as pictures of birds and animals that live in the park. There is an entrance fee to the park that must be paid here that is the equivalent to $5.00 US dollars per person.

The area is co managed by Fundacion Parque Nacional Nombre de Dios – FUPNAND ( The park is much smaller than Pico Bonito, with a total of 26,757 hectares of territory. The area includes the Garifuna villages of Corozal, Sambo Creek and Armenia. For local information call (505) 2441 1322 or email Their offices are located on the Boulevard 15 de Septiembre, across the street from the Financiera del Caribe in the Barrio Solares Nuevos of La Ceiba.

February 19, 2013

Cacao Lagoon in Nombre de Dios National Park

Cacao Lagoon –  Photo by Arturo Sosa


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