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Rafael Chinchilla
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Mujer con Flor   Mujer con Hojas No 1   Cartuchos Grandes
What started off as amusing passes of the brush upon canvas, took Rafael Chinchilla to professional artist, making painting his goal in life.  From 1972, when he entered his first exposition in Costa Rica, to now, he has added to the pages of history in the Honduran national arts.

Chinchilla uses strong colors to portray his ideas, wide drawings and an imperative look make way for his expression.  The primary colors Rafael Chinchilla uses express the warmth of the tropics. The themes of his paintings go from primitive landscapes to ecological; most recently showing Caribbean faces with bright eyes and many surrounding flowers.  Renowned in both Europe and the Americas, his paintings are desired by the "Jet Set" of private collectors.

In addition to his works, he owns a gallery displaying the works of a great variety of national artists. Some artists represent classical stances like surrealism, landscaping, abstract and cubic. All priced reasonably. The gallery is located in the Colonia Fesitranh, Zona 2 Casa 414, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Appointments can be made by calling 551-7554.