Luis Estape
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Honduran Artist Luis Estape

Luis Estape - ( Honduras, 1938 - present )

King by Honduran Artist Estape
Artist: Luis Estape ( Honduras, 1938 - present )
Main Category: Mixed Media
Genres: Outsider Art
Biography: At 6' 3" tall and with an imposing build, Luis Estape ("Louie") is a commanding presence. He reinforces his physical prominence with an almost constant barrage of words, at low volume and lightning speed.

Estape has worked in the Creative Growth Art Center for artists with physical, mental and developmental disabilities in Oakland, CA since 1985 and in the intervening years has developed an extensive body of art that reflects his world view, his community, his Honduran heritage, and most prominently, his vision of his relationship with God. He was eight years old when he immigrated to the United States, but his work still uses images reflecting his central American origins.

Over time the religious aspect of Estape’s work has become increasingly pervasive. As his conversation has opened to include religious monologues, so has his art expanded, reflecting his obsession with religious concerns. Now, in addition to scenes from the community, his home, his friends and animals, much of Estape’s work depicts his religiosity: saints, angels, cherubim and God himself. Estape also uses the sermon structure in his daily engagement with the world. In eleven years, Estape’s skills as an artist have improved immensely and so has his comfort with revealing himself to us in his art. His art is a literal depiction of himself in image and word.

Exhibition History: Selected Exhibitions at
Creative Growth Art Center

Downsize; After the Flood; Spring Blooms;
1996: The Gospel Connection: Louis Estape & Leon Kennedy; Make a Joyful Noise; Off the Easel
1993: Beasts
1991: The Lion, The Lamb, The Paintbrush
1990: Facing the Personal; Real Vision; 1+1= MORE
1992: The Art of Teaching Art
1989: The Art of Giving...The Giving of Art; The Studio; Intersection; Beasts and Other Relatives
1988: In the Spirit; At the Edge; Showcase: Recent Work in Wood Sculpture
1987: In the Mind's Eye: Ceramic Sculpture in Collaboration with California State University, Hayward, Hayward, CA

Selected Outside Exhibitions
1996: In and Out of the Woods, Morganton, North Carolina
1994: Dogs, Bolinas Museum, Bolinas, CA
1990: 1990: The Gala Event, SFMOMA, San Francisco, CA; Art Store Gallery, Oakland, CA
1989: Lurie Corporation, Atrium Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Collections: various

Bibliography: Improving on Reality – The Works of Luis Estape in: Folk Art Messenger #61, Spring/Summer 2004