Guillermo Mahchi
El Progreso, Yoro, Honduras, 1953
Tel. (504) 647-4539
Guillermo Mahchi has had numerous exhibits in Honduras and abroad. His most recent exhibition in 2004, Terranostra, featured the perils and tribulations of Central American illegal immigrants to the USA, seeking to fulfill the “American Dream” was a total success. The show took place at the Marriott Tegucigalpa in Honduras and at SOMARTS, the San Francisco Municipal Art Gallery in February 2004. He has received many prizes for his artwork, both at national and international exhibits, and lives in El Progreso, 25 minutes east of San Pedro Sula, were appointments can be scheduled. The Mahchi Art Gallery in Copan Ruinas features his art, as well as some of the most creative handicrafts from Honduras. His work can also be admired throughout the Marriott Tegucigalpa Hotel.