National Patriotic Festivals

Honduras Celebrates in September

September begins a month of “Fiestas Patrias” (Patriotic Festivals), in honor of Honduras’ Independence. President Porfirio Lobo Sosa showed his pride for the country by raising the national flag at the Peace monument, while cadets at the Military Academy Francisco Morazan, sang the National Anthem.

President Lobo praised the national flag as a symbol of patriotism, and delivered a flag to each of the ministers to be placed in the government institutions.

Students of the school “Institute Espiritu Santo Institute” (Holy Spirit) in Tela, Honduras, held cultural presentations displaying their civic and patriotic fervor.

The event was attended by faculty and staff of the institution, educational authorities, municipal employees and police, who enjoyed the talent of the youngsters.

Within the program of activities was a patriotic parade, traditional games were played, songs were sung about the Honduran National Soccer Team, and there were folk dances in traditional costumes.

According to Olga Barrera, director of the school, what appeared to be the most liked event, and that which drew the most attention, was the drama presented by seniors of the Institute, called “Lempira, Not As He Was, but As He Could Have Been.”

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