Personal equipment to bring on our day rafting trips

This list is designed to meet all you needs, and ensure that you are not overburdened with gear that you will are unlikely to use:
  1. Essential medicines ( e.g. ventilator for asthmatics and adrenaline (EpiPen) in the case of known anaphylactic shock allergic reactions)
  2. Teva type amphibious sandals
  3. Poncho/breathable raingear
  4. Sun glasses with security loop, e.g. Chums
  5. Light fast drying clothing i.e. synthetic long pants (lycra works well), long-sleeve and bathing suit.
  6. Insect repellent and sun-block
  7. Camera and film (water resistant type recommended)
  8. Sun hat or baseball cap
  9. Personal snacks
  10. Canteen/water bottle, at least 1 litre
  11. Binoculars
  12. Medium sized back pack to carry personal items or dry-bag
  13. Life and accident insurance

On all La Moskitia Ecoaventuras expeditions, a back-country first aid kit is carried.

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