Marathon vs Caledonia 2012 CONCACAF

Marthon the San Pedro Sula, Honduras team was able to obtain a 0 – 0 tie vs Caledonia at the CONCACAF Champions League match played in Trinidad and Tobago last night August 22nd 2012. Marathon came out with new coach Manuel Keosseian and a very aggressive team but they were unable to top Caledonia’s physical power. Mario Berrios, Captain, had the first chance when at the nine minute mark on a free kick he sent a powerful shot that was diverted. Trevin Caesar, the most incisive of the Caledonia team, frightened the Honduras team when towards the finish of the first half he sent a shot that just grazed the goal post being defended by Jose Mendoza.
Marathon - San Pedro Sula Soccer Team
In the second half, Marathon improved, but always was at the mercy of the Caledonia superior speed and agility. Walter Moore almost surprised Marathon at the start of the second half when he beat the defensive line, but the shot was deflected.

Mitchel Brown sent a powerful shot towards the goal at the 57 minute mark to try to get the win for Marathon in front of a scarce crowd.

Caledonia attacked with vigor and after 73 minutes almost ruling the game they assembled a kickback, which ended up being deviated by Keyon Edwards. The team came away with a much valuable point in the CONCACAF Champions League standings for Group 4 where they trail the leading Seattle Sounders by 2 points.

Team Roster
CALEDONIA: Samuel Glenroy, David Aubrey, Radanfah Abu Bakr, Abdullah Muhammad Nuru, Kareem Joseph (Conrad Smith, min.76), Walter Moore, David Stephan, Keyen, Jamaal Gay, Caesar Trevin (Kerlon Ferguson, min.59) y Abdallah Phillips (Cornelius Stewart, min.58).
Coach: Jamaal Shabazz.

MARATHÓN: José Mendoza, Mario Beata, Mauricio Sabillón, Quiarol Arzú, Mario Berríos, Mariano Acevedo, David Meza, Wilmer Fuentes (Michel Rivera, min.61), Randy Diamond (Óscar Durón, min.80), Mitchel Brown y Rony Flores (Harrison Róchez, min.68).
Coach: Manuel Keosseián.
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