Long winter in North Dakota? Why not warm up and Travel to the Mayan Culture in Copán, Honduras

Copán is a city on the western region of Honduras near the Guatemalan border. The city is known for its archaeological sites and Mayan history. The town has many things to explore for the most knowledgeable traveler. Copan can get you away from the harsh cold winter to a moderate (not really hot) climate with an educational and fun exploration adventure of the Mayan legacy at one of the most famous Archaeological sites on earth.

Copán has airports not to far away so getting in and away is not a major issue. There are a few options for travelling to Copán and these can include getting there via a shuttle from the Honduras capital Tegucigalpa or the Industrial Capital of Honduras San Pedro Sula or from the neighbouring Guatemala City depending on your origin and budget.

Most visitors to these parts of Honduras are fascinated with the Mayan ruins and many may have done the trek by bus down from Mexico and Guatemala visiting the many ruins available to explore there. If coming from North Dakota, a small trek down from Guatemala is a good option, and all six North Dakota airports give connecting flights to Guatemala City from Denver. All local airports in North Dakota will get you to Denver, where you can get a connecting flight, passing through Houston and on your way to Guatemala City. This flight will cost around 560 dollars return and have an airtime of six hours. Flights are offered through United Airlines and this company also does packages from Minot International airport with a total cost of 630 dollars return. If flying straight from Minot International airport the total flight time in the air is no more than eight hours. You can expect to pay roughly the same from all airports located in North Dakota.

Explore the Copan Ruins in Honduras

Explore the Copan Ruins in Honduras

Once you arrive in Guatemala City you will be required to take a bus to Copán. Please consider the buses in South America at times can be a little shaky and two quality bus services to consider are Hedman Alas and the Monarcas Shuttle Bus.
Make sure your passport is up to date and you have proof of your intensions to return home. US citizens don’t need a special visa to enter Honduras, although, your passport will need to be valid for least six months passed your entry to Honduras. With this aside the bus ride is 150 kilometres and you can expect to pay around 30 dollars.

With all these tools in mind you can expect a relatively smooth adventure to Copán. Enjoy all that Honduras has to offer. Keep you wits about you, keep your diary up to date, keep Honduras.com bookmarked for quick reference and you will be sure to have an experience to never forget.

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