Little French Key Island Oasis

Although it has only been open to the public since 2011, Little French Key (Little French Cay Roatan Honduras) is the most popular day trip on the island of Roatan, Honduras.  After visiting, it is easy to see why.

Two custom barges cross from Frenchy's 44 to Little French Key

Two custom barges cross from Frenchy’s 44 to Little French Key

Located in the middle of the Island, just down the shoreline from French Harbor, Little French Key has been a work in progress for the last 7 years.  With owners Kaveh and Larissa at the helm, a once vacant island has turned into an amazing retreat for thousands of visitors.  Arriving by land, one pulls into the driveway and parking lot of restaurant, Frenchy’s 44.  Here you can sit an enjoy a cold beverage on the dock over the water, looking across the harbor at Little French Key.  Or you can get on a barge and check it out!

Approaching Paradise.

Approaching Paradise.

As you make the 5 minute passage to the private island, you image what it would be like to own a private island, and what you would do if it were yours.  Well, this is way better.  Pulling up to the dock, you realize this is a unique place when you see the thatched roof swim-up tables in the Caribbean-blue water.  Disembark and walk toward the beach chairs to set up camp for the day.  There are lounge chairs everywhere.  On the dock, in the shade, in the water, and under palapas.



little french key

Lounge around, and IN, the water.

Grab a drink at the Gecko Lounge or head to the top bar with the kids to jump off the deck into 10 feet of crystal clear water while you lifeguard from above.   Rent snorkel gear and swim, or kayak, out to the reef to view the underwater world. When you get bored with that head over toward the main house and check out the onsite zoo to interact with rescued animals like a the spider monkeys, jaguars, and a pony.

If you are on a cruise ship book your day’s visit ahead of time or just show up.  The owners have thus far refused to deal directly with the cruise ship tour operators and prefer to make all of the arrangements themselves leaving the bias of commission out of the equation for the time being.  For a reasonable $65 they will arrange transport from your starting location, access to the key, lunch and a drink.  For a few bucks more snorkel the reef a few feet away.  Additional activities include diving and jet skis best enjoyed if reserved in advance.  Exuding peace and tranquility, Little French Key is a nice alternative to the bustling, crowded West End beaches.  Eco-friendly, clean, and service oriented, in addition to the spectacular scenery, are what make Little French Key a must-see must-do in Roatan.


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Owners Kaveh and Larissa welcome you to their home.

Owners Kaveh and Larissa welcome you to their home.

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