Life in Honduras

Wondering what life in Honduras is all about?

As I sit in my lovely porch, overlooking the Cangrejal River Valley and Pico Bonito National Park, I cannot help but think about how the reality and the image that has been portrayed about Honduras are two opposite worlds.

life in Honduras

La Villa de Soledad B&B a great place to enjoy life in Honduras

Sure, there are many Hondurans that live a hard life, have to deal with the reality of gangs running their neighborhoods, and the hardships of finding a job to make a decent living, but heck, is that not the reality in many, many different cities and in the USA for that matter? After all, gangs are a product of the United States society that was exported back to Latin America after some very efficient training in the USA, but heck, that is another story all together…

Having lived in Honduras for 23 years, and having the opportunity to call Copan Ruinas, San Pedro Sula and La Ceiba as my home for different periods of time, I can sincerely say that Honduras has been good to me and my beautiful family. By now, most of the time here, in Honduras, has been in La Ceiba, capital of Atlantida, a truly unique piece of paradise.

The truth about life in Honduras is that life has a slower pace, and although yes, locals are friendly, they can also be slower to react, not as well prepared to have a trade or a career, but a lot more polite that you would find in most other places on planet Earth.

The countryside in Honduras is peaceful, friendly, and above all beautiful! Take La Ceiba as an example, a medium sized city on the Caribbean coast of Honduras. Nature surrounds the city in the form of National Parks, a total of four of them, as a matter of fact: Pico Bonito and Nombre de Dios National Parks, the Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge and the Cayos Cochinos Marine Monument: all four of them different and unique.

I happen to live within the Nombre de Dios National Park, almost at the border where this Park meets Pico Bonito National Park, on the Cangrejal River Valley. Although we are only 6 miles from town, it feels like we live in a remote location. Life is peaceful, relaxed, and above all safe in this part of the World, just like it is in most of Honduras.

Life in Honduras

La Villa de Soledad B&B

Sure, we have power outages, yes, twice a week the Pepsi Cola delivery truck blasts its bloody horn as it passes just in front of our lovely lodge, La Villa de Soledad, and we have to maintain our own water supply system because we are not hooked up to the local community grid, but all together, life in Honduras is good.

We have a great high speed internet service that is delivered via a fiber optic cable, can get international satellite TV with different channels, including my favorites: Discovery, Animal Planer and Nat Geo, amongst others.  Many of our neighbors are expats from around the World: USA, Germany, the UK, and although I do have an advantage over them as far as adapting to the Honduras Reality, since I was born and raised in Mexico, they are all very happy living in Honduras and enjoying the quality of life in Honduras.

If you are looking for a friendly, peaceful place to retire in and enjoy life, consider Honduras. Trust me, after 23 years; I can truly say that life in Honduras is great! Come and experience it yourself!

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