Las Cascadas – Rain Forest Retreat

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An Eco paradise of 85 acres that has its own five waterfalls. Need more? Las Cascadas is a property in a tropical rainforest, in a country that is the home to 861 butterfly species and 1441 moth species. Add that to the 738 bird species, and while sitting on a beautiful tropical river, on a property with five of its own waterfalls and you have this spectacular location.

Want to white water river raft on up to cat 5 rapids? Yep, right from the property.

It can serve as a corporate retreat or a place to rent out to other like-minded organizations or people for their use. Right now the facility has space for 15 people, including a large ‘common area’ that has only 20+ feet between it and the bottom of the first of five individual waterfalls on the property.

Contact Larry about Las Cascadas.

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