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Lake Yojoa (Lago de Yojoa) is the largest natural lake in Honduras. It is 95 feet deep, 4 miles wide, and 10 miles long. The lake sits at the base of two mountainous national parks. Santa Barbara National Park rises above the Northern shore, and Cerro Azul Meambar National Park towers above the Southern shore. It is an easy place to reach, as the main highway between San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa passes alongside Lake Yojoa.

Lake Yojoa

There is plenty to do in this peaceful region. Birders will delight in a lake tour, which provides a special vantage point for viewing many of the several hundred bird species. The climate is excellent for growing coffee, and as such, there are a few “fincas” or coffee plantations that can be toured, as well as a micro brewery. There are hot springs to dip in, caves to explore, and the Pulhapanzak Waterfalls to hike to during your time in Lake Yojoa.

Lake Yojoa

Lake Yojoa

Los Naranjos Eco-Archaeological Park is another well-known place to visit during your Lake Yojoa stay. Ancient ruins of the Lenca are only partially excavated at this park, providing a unique opportunity to imagine the ancient Lenca village beneath the greenery.

On your next trip heading toward Tegucigalpa, remember to make some extra time to include a stop at Lake Yojoa.

Halfway between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula, on the main north/south highway that connects the Golfo de Fonseca (Pacific Ocean) to Puerto Cortes (Atlantic Ocean), is Lake Yojoa. You can’t miss it. The lake is comparable to Lake Tahoe in California. On the lake side of the road there are at least 50 small restaurants that will serve you fresh bass right out of the lake for about $5, and is normally served with coleslaw and tortillas. There are many nice hotels and restaurants in the Lake Yojoa area. Due to its proximity, you may also find a a place to stay and/or dine in Comayagua or Siguatepeque. There is also a nice swimming area about one mile south, called Playa de las Marias.

Six miles on the south end of the lake you will see the entrance to Cuevas de Taulabe (underground caves) [be sure to watch the Lake Yojoa video below]. To the north, near Santa Rita, about thirty minutes from Lake Yojoa, turn off west towards Rio Lindo, and you will find the Pulhapenzak Waterfalls. There is much evidence that the Lake Yojoa area was once inhabited by the Mayan Indians, some of which can be observed at a small island in the lake, as well as at Pulhapenzak Waterfalls, where you can visit a Mayan ceremonial center.

Lake Yojoa Travel Update – 2013

Lake Yojoa area Zoo – 2013

Bio-P-Arque “Paradise” Coffee Plantation and a Paradise of Flowers -2014

Lago de Yojoa (Lake Yojoa) Hotels


Hotel La Posada

Km 161, desde Tegucigalpa en la carretera norte hacia San Pedro Sula. Monte Verde
Lago de Yojoa Honduras
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Contact Person: SKYPE name: HonduyateMarina
Phone: (504) 2608-3726
Hotel La Posada offers luxury rooms and suites on a spectacular lake shore. Staying in our hotel includes breakfast, WiFi, game room, swimming pool, and watch as many movies as you like from our DVD library. We also have cabins and camping available.

Hotel Posada del Rey

Bo. Concepcion, junto a la iglesia SINAI Santa Cruz de Yojoa
Lago de Yojoa Honduras
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Phone: (504)2654-8662
Fax: (504)2654-8664
Hotel Posada del Rey. This is a luxorious hotel. Hotel Posada del Rey is a excellent and unique choice in the Yojoa zone. We offer all the services to make your stay pleasant. Some of our services include Bar, Pool, Private Parking, 4 wheelers, and transportation.

Hotel Las Glorias

Km 9 entre la carretera de La Guama y Peña Blanca Honduras Lago de Yojoa Honduras
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Phone: ( 504 ) 2566-0461/0462
Hotel Villa Las Glorias is the ideal place to relax, have fun and enjoy the natural environment at your fingertips. Upon entering the resort runs a coffee plantation of 40 blocks, in the way you can capture a panoramic view of Lake Yojoa. We have 42 rooms, 6 suites and 4 cottages with two rooms, integrated into the natural landscape, and scattered vegetation. With a combination of rustic and modern, they have have air conditioning, cable TV, private bathroom with hot water, private balcony overlooking the lake and a hammock.

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Lago de Yojoa (Lake Yojoa) Restaurants

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Pictures of Lago de Yojoa (Lake Yojoa) Honduras

Lago de Yojoa 02 - View from our posada right by the lake

Videos of Lago de Yojoa (Lake Yojoa) Honduras

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