La Ceiba – The Carnival City and Playground of Honduras


La Ceiba has worked hard to clean up its beach and is reaping the rewards of this endeavor. A hotel on the beach is easy to find, and so is an inexpensive restaurant where you can try typical honduran food or sip a fruity drink while gazing at the ocean. The Mayor Carlos Aguilar has made tremendous improvements to the beauty of the city during the past few years. Today La Ceiba has new statues, monuments, fountains, a beach in Los Maestros has been cleaned up and turned into a major tourist attraction, as well as many roads throughout the city have new sidewalks and have been paved. La Ceiba today is a much more beautiful place than it was a few years ago, and that is saying a lot, because it has always been “Ceibita la bella” “Ceiba the beautiful”. If you have been to La Ceiba in the past, come back and see the changes, I think you will agree and don’t forget the best Carnival in Central America is in May every year.

Although not a necessity, a La Ceiba Travel Guide can show you the options for eating, resting, and enjoying the town, so you will spend less time trying to find a hotel, beach or restaurant or bar when you arrive in this third most popular city in Honduras.

Many hotels and restaurants are available in the city of La Ceiba, we have chosen to provide you with a listing and review of the Best Hotels in La Ceiba and Best Restaurants in La Ceiba. So you may best enjoy your Honduras travel experience. Once settled in you may wish to relax at the Best Bars in La Ceiba.

La Ceiba has a largely bilingual population, and is considered “The Capital of Ecotourism” due to all of the nature oriented activities offered. This La Ceiba travel guide provides an indepth look at La Ceiba, where you can choose a La Ceiba hotel, beach, or restaurant to your liking.

La Ceiba

La Ceiba Estero

La Ceiba has fantastic options for nature lovers. Referred to as “the Capital of Ecotourism” in Honduras, it does not disappoint. Explore La Ceiba’s beaches, rivers, and mountains by horse back. If you like adventure, white water rafting and zip lines through the rain forest might be just your thing.

What is going to be your favorite float at the La Ceiba Garan Carnaval? How about a Salva Vida?

What is going to be your favorite float at the La Ceiba Gran Carnaval? How about a Salva Vida?

One of the main events in not just La Ceiba but in Honduras is annual Carnival held evey May. Don’t miss it.

The Honduras Air Force at Gran Carnival in La Ceiba

The Honduras Air Force at Gran Carnival

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