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La Prensa is the newspaper with the highest circulation in the country of Honduras. La Prensa was founded on October 26, 1964, by Jorge J. Larach who passed away in 1985.  His son, Jorge Canahuati Larach, is the president of the La Prensa publishing group “OPSA” (Organización Publicitaria, S.A.).  The fast growing OPSA also publishes El Heraldo, which covers the Tegucigalpa zone, and Diario Deportivo Diez, which is dedicated to sports. La Prensa is headquartered in the Industrial capital city of San Pedro Sula, and along with national and international news, provides the most in-depth printed news of the valley of Sula, which includes Choloma, Purerto Cortes, La Lima and El Progreso.

La Prensa - Honduras

La Prensa – Honduras

In the five months ending May 2012, La Prensa’s average daily readers is approximately 104,332 according to a survey done by IBOPE Media; for a total of 521,663. Of those loyal readers, the study by IBOPE Media points out the following interesting facts that can be helpful to advertisers and businesses who are contemplating publicity campaigns with the La Prensa newspaper:

      81.7 % of those who read newspapers read La Prensa

    79.48% have credit cards

    77.97 % go to the movies

    72.79 % use the Internet

    71.91 % are contemplating purchasing a car

    71.81 % visit commercial centers

    70.8 % shop at department stores

    70.06 % listen to the radio

    69.83 % have cell phones

    69.16 % visit super markets

    68.34 % consume carbonated drinks

    66.43 % have cable television

    During a typical week, circulation is 499,285 as compared to 242,119 by other news publications. The survey says that in the past 30 days, La Prensa has had 80 % (vs a 36 % reach by others) of the total newspaper audience in Honduras.

    La Prensa online ranks number 24,816 in global traffic, and is the 21st most visited web site within Honduras according to the most recent internet statistics. Here are the latest country ranks on daily reach for the online La Prensa web site:

    Country Rank

    Honduras 21

    Belize 99

    Nicaragua 465

    El Salvador 652

    Guatemala 1,857

    Panama 2,352

    Mexico 2,972

    Venezuela 2,995

    Dominican Republic 3,584

    Ecuador 4,172

    Colombia 4,542

    Costa Rica 5,002

    Chile 7,947

    Argentina 8,218

    Netherlands 9,495

    Peru 10,290

    Spain 12,007

    United States 15,433

    IBOPE Media who conducted this survey, is the largest private research company in Latin America and the 14th in the world. With 70 years of experience, incidentally, the brand IBOPE is present in dictionaries as a synonym for “prestige”.

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