Kite Boarding in Honduras

Kite boarding is relatively new in Honduras, however, there are two different outfitters that provide kite boarding in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Roatan Kite Boarding

Kite boarding at Marble Hill Farms

One of them is located in the island of Roatan, on the north shore of the eastern end of the island, in Marble Hills Farm, which is just east of the community of Punta Gorda. You can access the area easily if you have a car, by taking the road east bound, going past the town of Oakridge, and continue on the dirt road. You can’t miss the spot, as its entrance is clearly marked on the left side of the road.

The other kite boarding option is the brand new Guanaja Club located in Savannah Bight, in the island of Guanaja. This new resort, specializing in fishing and kite boarding, boasts great instructors and is set in a unique location on the Caribbean. The kite boarding area is completely protected by the barrier reef that surrounds the island, which is perfect to learn how to practice this fun activity. Because of its location, on the eastern end of the island, there is usually a great wind blowing that creates perfect conditions for this sport.

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