Judicial Council to Sanction 93 Honduran Judges

Judicial Council to Sanction 93 Honduran JudgesThe Judicial Council, composed of five members and one alternate member, has begun to clean house in the Supreme Court.

A Judicial Council was created in Honduras, to periodically evaluate, investigate and recommend discipline for inappropriate actions performed by judicial personnel. As a first step, The Judicial Council of Honduras resolved to impose sanctions on 93 judicial officers, including judges, magistrates, and others who were investigated, and had allegations against them confirmed.

Records were distributed to the five members of the Council, who in the coming days, will render an opinion on what sanction to impose in these cases – reprimands, suspension, dismissal of office, or refer them to the Attorney General on suspicion of criminal offenses.

“A proposal was established to approve an order to the Inspector of Courts (Inspectoría de Tribunales) to study and investigate the assets of judges and officials,” said Teodoro Bonilla. “We will start with the judges and officials reported; for starters there are 93, this is an indicator that something is wrong,” he added.

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