Japan Appreciated in Honduras

Japan’s solidarity with the Honduran people is greatly appreciated by Hondurans nationwide. At a time when much funding for social programs is being cut by foreign political agendas, Japan has continued social programs in some of the most troubled areas of Honduras. The recent inauguration of ten projects, led by director Masahiro Takagi, took place in the municipality of Atima, Santa Barbara, Honduras. These projects are valued at more than $436,000.00 – equivalent to roughly 8.2 million lempiras.


Among the projects initiated, five correspond to the construction and expansion of different schools, from basic to secondary level, in towns like Atima, Naranjito, Ilama and San Nicolas. It is noteworthy that three of these schools are part of the school project, 100 Sacks of Rice (Proyecto de Escuelas 100 Sacos de Arroz), which began in 2004 and is continuing to this day.

Two ambulances were also donated to the municipalities of Naranjito and San José de Colinas, in Honduras. These ambulances are hoped to reduce the risk of dangers to mothers and their newborn babies from the surrounding communities.

Additionally, two electrical plants worth $125,000 were given to the municipalities in Atima and Nueva Celilac.

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