Islands in Honduras


Honduras Bay Islands Dive Spots


There are various islands in the country, the very tiny ones are referred to as “cays” (like the Florida “keys”). The islands in Honduras make for a fantastic vacation get-away. Holidays can be spent on the beaches of Roatan, Utila, Cayos Cochinos, or any number of these private “cays”.

Investing in the Bay Islands of Honduras

Bay Islands of Honduras

Other Islands in Honduras

Many of Honduras’s islands are privately owned. Private islands are often for sale, and can make your vacation get-away unique, but access is limited, so living there year ’round may not be entirely practical. Holidays spent on the more well-known islands (above) offer convenience, better travel options and easier access.

Island Resorts

There are many great Resorts on the Bay Islands of Honduras dedicated to great Honduras vacations as well as Scuba Diving certification and fun in Honduras. Here are just a few of the great Scuba Diving Resorts found on the Islands of Honduras:


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