Independence Celebrations

Honduras’ Independence Day is September 15th, and Flag Day is September 1st; therefore, independence celebrations were officially launched in the country early Sunday, August 30th, amid a huge outpouring of joy.

President Roberto Micheletti led a ceremony at which the national flag was raised, and where he renewed his oath of office. The event took place in the presence of members of the Cabinet, Representatives of Congress, the Supreme Court, Mayor, and members of the Armed Forces.

“I, on behalf of the Honduran people, all organizations, all groups, thank God for this opportunity to thank our national army, our police, the civic democratic union and all organizations in Honduras that have a leading role in the struggle for democracy, to maintain peace, to maintain the pride of our nation, to maintain the institutions, which is what is most important to us Hondurans,” Micheletti announced.

In the plaza La Merced, in the center of the city, members of Congress raised the flag and sang the national anthem very early in the morning.

In another ceremony, the flag was raised and the the public prosecutors and judicial personnel of the Supreme Court reaffirmed their commitment to love and defend the country. The National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, and the pledge of honor to serve and defend the motherland were all included in the celebration. Attorney General Luis Rubi said that the five stars of the Honduran Flag, which actually represent each of the Central American countries, can also be seen as a paradigm of five core values that make the Republic of Honduras free, sovereign and independent. These five values, he said, are love of God, honesty, solidarity, peace and justice. “For the Hondurans are lovers of peace and doers of justice; we will make Honduras a nation of greatness,” he said.

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