Incomparable Natural Beauty is yours to Discover at Pristine Beaches in Trujillo

Incomparable natural beauty is yours to discover at some of Honduras’ most pristine beaches with costal coral reefs and views of the open sea. Among the best of Trujillo’s beaches are the airport beach (where you can find several restaurants), the beach by Campamento Cabins and Restaurant (which has a pool, infant play area and great seafood meals), Banana Beach Resort near Santa Fe about 20 minutes from town (Family fun with water park, tennis court and renowned gourmet chef Jürgen Peters) (Our Personal favorite) and the beach at Casa Kiwi (a backpacker’s delight; the only place that offers everything from beach activities, bike and snorkel equipment rental, to tourist information. Although Trujillo is a friendly, safe town where most people know one another, when you go to the beach, keep an eye on your belongings – they might get washed out to sea! Bring the insect repellent and lots of waterproof sunscreen.

Pristine Beaches in Trujillo Honduras

Pristine Beaches in Trujillo Honduras

Trujillo Bay has a few hidden treasures. Check out the abundant starfish life at the Banco de Estrellas Marinas (starfish sandbar) or go snorkeling around one of the many sunken ships or the coral reefs of Cayo Blanco.

The untamed beach at La Puntilla near Puerto Castilla is the site of the very first mass in the Americas. Visit the community of Betulia to enjoy natural springs amidst a secondary forest, and travel up the Betulia River to explore other impressive beaches.

Felipe Nataren (434 28 06) offers tours to all these destinations. After a long day of swimming, head to Hotel Aguas Calientes in Silin, a community just three kilometers from Trujillo. Relax in the hot springs there and receive a natural herb and oil massage. Call ahead to schedule at (2434 4742).

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