Hurricane Mitch in Honduras

History of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras

History of Hurricane Mitch in Honduras

The Hurricane Mitch reports below were written and posted live, back in 1998, by the personnel at was the first website to have the resources and technology in place to be able to report back to the rest of the world, what was taking place in Honduras, as Mitch blew its destructive path through the country. Our brave reporters rode along with rescue and emergency teams to many areas of the country right before Hurricane Mitch was about to strike, in an effort to help save lives and capture the event, in hopes of alerting the world as to what was taking place.

Before, during, and after, one of the deadliest hurricanes to hit Honduras, was there to do what we strive to do every day – bring information of Honduras to the world. was able to lead the country’s first online donation center, which was a resounding success. An outpouring of concern and help from around the world was coordinated through; from financial aid, to the donations of boats, radios, clothing, food, and many crucial items necessary to rescue stranded victims.

Hurricane Mitch over Honduras

Hurricane Mitch over Honduras – Courtesy of NOAA



To this day, remains grateful to its loyal followers for giving of themselves throughout this tragic time.  The coordinated effort of our team to report what was happening, and our readers, to pass the word along to the families, agencies and governments, was truly astounding in an age with no Facebook, Twitter or other social sites to create a very crucial network of information.

Hurricane Mitch was one a primary factors that brought Honduras to its knees in 1998, and thereafter.   It was all but impossible to fathom how the country could go on. Financially, agriculturally, and from a humanity perspective, there was nothing to build from.  It would be almost 10 years before the soil would be able to harvest the country’s staples, let alone those exported agricultural products necessary for Honduras’s financial rebuilding. Homes, businesses, crops – all gone.

With the generous donations, financial aid, and resources of neighboring countries, and countries across the globe, Hondurans have worked, through the years, to rebuild.

Following are the reports and photographs taken when was reporting live in 1998, the devastation of Hurricane Mitch.

Hurricane Mitch in Honduras Reports

Hurricane Mitch Reports

Hurricane Mitch Photos

Hurricane Mitch in Honduras – February, 1999 Reports
Hurricane Mitch – January, 1999 Reports
Hurricane Mitch – December Reports
Hurricane Mitch – November 26, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 24, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 23, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 22, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 21, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 20, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 19, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 17, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 16, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 14, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 13, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 12, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 11, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 10, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 09, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 08, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 07, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 06, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 05, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 04, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 03, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 02, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – November 01, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – October 31, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – October 30, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – October 29, 1998
Hurricane Mitchs – October 28, 1998
Hurricane Mitch – October 27, 1998
Hurricane Mitch in Honduras – October 26, 1998
Hurricane Mitch in Honduras Photos – Week of Nov. 23, 1998
Photos – November 21, 1998
Photos – November 15, 1998
Photos – November 13 1998
Photos – November 10, 1998
Photos – November 09, 1998
Photos – November 07, 1998
Photos – November 06, 1998
Photos – November 05, 1998
Photos – November 04, 1998
Photos – November 03, 1998
Photos – October 31, 1998
Photos – October 30, 1998
Photos – October 29, 1998
Photos – October 28, 1998

ONE YEAR LATER,’s own O Ma R posted a follow-up on Hurricane Mitch’s aftermath in the Fantasy Politics section: One Year after Hurricane Mitch Literally Destroyed Honduras Infrastructure and Economy.


Hurricane Mitch 1998

Hurricane Mitch – Visualization Courtesy of NASA’s 1998 Hurricane Mitch Information and Live Coverage was featured worldwide at the following locations:


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