Honduras vs Mexico 2013 U17 National Team

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Concacaf HondurasUpdate:  Honduras vs Mexico 2013 U17 (Sub 17)  April 17, 2013

Final Score Mexico Defeated Honduras 3 – 1 and Honduras will now play for the Bronze Medal.

Honduras  vs Canada  who lost vs Panama for 3rd place in the United Arab Emirates World Cup on Friday April 19, 2013.

The Mexico-Honduras and Panama-Canada matches played today will decide the CONCACAF pre World Cup U17 finalists, though all four teams are already qualified to play in the United Arab Emirates World Cup in October.

The Mexico – Honduras match will be played in the Rommel Fernández stadium in Panama City. The Panama qualifying tournament that kicked off the 5th of April started with 4 groups, one that included the U.S. who surprisingly missed out by losing to Honduras 3-1 in the quarterfinals.

The winner of the match between Mexico and Honduras will face the winner of the Panama-Canada match on Friday to fight the Pre World Cup championship in the Rommel Fernandez stadium.

The losers will contest the third and fourth places in the tournament at the same stadium on Friday. The final will coincide with the celebration in Panama City with a CONCACAF congress.

Honduras U17 (Sub17) Roster vs Mexico U17 (Sub 17) :

HONDURAS: Fernando Cabrera, Kevin Álvarez, Ismael Santos, Roberto Hernández, Álvaro Romero, Devron García (D. Flores, min.46), Cristopher Alegría, Isaac Borja (J. Bodden, min.77), Brayan Velásquez, Rembrandt Flores (S. Ramos, min.46) y Alberth Ellis.

Coach: José Valladares.

MÉXICO: Raúl Judiño, José Robles, Salomón Wubías, Pedro Terán, José Almanza, Luis Hernández, (U. Rivas, min.46), Eric Aguirre, Crhistian Tovar (M. Tejeda, min.68), Juan Ortega, Marco Granados (A. Diaz, ,min.52) y Víctor Zúñiga.

Coach: Raúl Gutiérrez.


Update: The Mexico U17 defeated the Honduras U17 National Team 2 – 0

Honduras ended up in second place and now faces of in a match vs the USA on Sunday April 15th 2013 at 4:00 Honduras local time; in order to continue its quest to qualify for the United Arab Emirates World Cup.

The final roster of U17 National Soccer Team players who faced off were as follows:

HONDURAS Soccer Platers: Cristian Hernández, Kevin Álvarez, Luis Santos, José Murillo, José Fiallos, Cristopher Alegría (Isaac Borjas, min.64), Devron García (Erick Gallegos, min.76), Deybi Flores, Cristian Argueta (Steven Ramos, min.46) Darwin Arita y Jorge Bodden.

Coach: Francisco Valladares.

MÉXICO Soccer Players: Raúl Gudiño; Francisco Calderón; Salomón Wbias; Pedro Terán; José Robles; José Almanza (E. Hernández, min.62); Luis Hernández; Iván Ochoa; Alejandro Díaz; Ulises Rivas y Ulises Jaimes (Marco Granados, min.69).

Coach: Raúl Gutiérrez.


In order for Honduras to be the group leader in the U17 FIFA Americas championship, we must beat Mexico in tonight’s game.honduras-soccer-fans

Both teams have already qualified for the quarter-finals, and today only serves to know who they will be facing in the next instance between the U.S. and Guatemala, who are the leaders of group C.

The first of each of these groups will play against the second of the other group, so if Honduras wins today it will probably face Guatemala because the U.S. is viewed as favorite to win. In this U-17 four teams will qualify for the UAE (United Arab Emirates) World Cup which will be held from October 17th to November 8th 2013.

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