Honduras vs Jamaica 2013

Honduras National Soccer Team - Selección Catracha de Honduras

Honduras National Soccer Team – Selección Catracha de Honduras.
Schedule and Dates of the final round of CONCACAF during October 2013
Honduras vs Jamaica Tuesday October 15h 2013 following their match vs Costa Rica  on Friday October 11th then on to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil if all goes well for Honduras


Final Score Honduras 2 Jamaica 2 —– Honduras qualifies for the 2014 Brazil World Cup!
Gracias Seleccion!


Well Catrachos, here we go, our ticket to the World Cup is in the hands of our dear coach  Luis Fernando Suarez and his most likely startung line up of  Noel Valladares,  Arnold Peralta Maynor Figueroa,  Víctor Bernárdez,  Emilio Izaguirre,  Boniek García,  Luis Garrido,  Wilson Palacios,  Roger Espinoza,  Jerry Bengtson and Carlo Costly. All we need is one point. That means that a tie or better on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, 7:30 PM Honduras time 9:30 pm ET. National Stadium – Kingston, Jamaica. Jamaica vs Honduras and our  “Seleccion de Honduras“will qualify for the 2014 World Cup to be held in Brazil.

This year has proven to be what every sports fanatic like myself never wants to see. Down to the LAST game! If we don’t pull this one off, we sit out the World Cup. Say it is not so! The entire country of Honduras could care less about the upcoming general elections and all of those politicians. All anyone cares about right now is one measly point for our “H”. Our team arrived in Jamaica last night and will practice a bit today. Get a good night sleep we hope and go make history vs Jamaica on Tuesday night.

This soccer game means so much to Honduras that you can count on not getting anything done in Honduras on Tuesday. As for Jamaica, the “Jamaica Reggae Boyz” will be playing their last game of the 2013 Hexagonal at home and will be wanting to go out on a positive note so do not think this game will be a gimme. The “Boyz” will be playing for their pride and all of us know that means a lot. Seleccion your entire country is behind you and we wish you the best.

Final Score Honduras 2 Jamaica 2 —– Honduras qualifies for the 2014 Brazil World Cup!

Gracias Seleccion!


Costa Rica beat Mexico 2 – 1 Honduras Qualifies for the world Cup in Braizil.


SALE: Costly, entra: Bengtson.


Jamaica 2-2 Honduras, minute 79.
Panamá 2-3 USA minute 93.
Costa Rica 2-1 México Minute 80.

Update Minute 58: GOL DE JAMAICA! Al minuto 58, Austin iguala las cosas con . Jamaica 2-2 Honduras 2 Jamaica 2.

Costa Rica 2-1 México.

Update: Second half begins: Inicia Segundo tiempo! Vamos Honduras

 Update Half Time Honduras 2 Jamaica 1

Update Minute 32: GOOOOOOOOOOLAZOOOOOOO DE HONDURAS! —– Maynor Figueroa  Honduras 2 Jamaica 1

Half time – Medio Tiempo Costa Rica 1 Mexico 1

Update: The one and only soccer game of the year has begun! 

Follow the updates!

Update Minute 1: Honduras 1 Jamaica Carlo Costly!  Al minuto 1, la Bicolor marca, Carlo Costly de media volea anota tras un tiro de esquina. JAMAICA 0-1 HONDURAS.

Update minute 3: Jamaica scores, Jorge Claros Jamaica 1-1 Honduras.

Update:  Jamaica 1-1 Honduras (Minuto 25) Costa Rica 1-1 México (Minuto 30) Panamá 1-0 Estados Unidos (Minuto 28).


Update Game starts in give or take a few 30 minutes here we go in English and Español!

Final Line up for Honduras vs Jamaica

Honduras vs Jamaica: Noel Valladares Bryan Beckeles Muma Bernárdez Maynor Figueroa Emilio Izaguirre Luis Garrido Jorge Claros Boniek García Andy Najar Roger Espinoza Carlo Costly

Jamaica Line up: Dwayne Kerr; Doyley, Mariappa, Phillips, Morgan, McAnuff, Austin, Watson, Johnson, Brown, Mattocks

Referees / Arbitros del juego entre Jamaica serán: USA Mark Geiger on con los asistentes Hurd  USA, Fletcher Canada  y Petrescu  Canada



Since the football match does not start until tomorrow and you can count on us keeping you updated live during the game; I want to take a moment and address all the bad press our National Team has had to endure this year. Earlier this year ESPN said Honduras is not World Class. Our players shook that off and went on to tie Mexico. Later the same ESPN analyst said there was no way Honduras could beat Mexico in Mexico city and our players didn’t just shake it off they won in Mexico City! Now Fox Sports commentator Juan Carlos Gabriel de Anda is accusing the Costa Rica Goalie of being paid off to allow Honduras to defeat Costa Rica and has called for FIFA to investigate. Honestly in my opinion, sports commentators from Mexico are just frustrated  and have been the ones beating us up for no good reason. Our TEAM has played well and let’s face it the people of Honduras and the people of Mexico really have nothing against each other so quit criticizing us and focus on getting your own team to the World Cup; Mexico still has a chance but don’t blame it on Honduras. We won fair and square.

Stay tuned for the game!

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Here is a picture from one of our Honduras National Team fans! Enjoy

Honduras Soccer Fan

La Garra Catracha! Let’s go Honduras vs Jamaica Tuesday October 15 2013


Original Article and previous 2013 game play by play vs Jamaica.

Possible 25 Honduras National Team Players that will be coached by Honduras Head Coach Luis Fernando Suárez for the FIFA World Cup Qualifying Eliminations


GOALIES / PORTEROS: Noel Valladares (Olimpia), Donis Escober (Olimpia) y Kevin Hernández.

DEFENSE / DEFENSAS: Maynor Figueroa (Hull City, Inglaterra), Osman Chávez (Wilsa Cracovia, Polonia), Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic Glasgow, Escocia), Víctor Bernárdez (San Jose Earthquakes, Estados Unidos), Juan Carlos García (Wigan Athletic, Inglaterra), Nery Medina (Olimpia), Juan Pablo Montes (Motagua) y Brayan Beckeles (Olimpia) y Arnold Peralta (Rangers, Escocia).

MID-FIELD / MEDIOCAMPISTAS: Jorge Claros (Motagua), Marvin Chávez (San Jose Earthquakes, Estados Unidos), Boniek García (Houston Dynamo, Estados Unidos), Roger Espinoza (Wigan Athletic, Inglaterra), Luis Garrido (Olimpia), Wilson Palacios (Stoke City, Inglaterra), Edgard Álvarez (Platense), Andy Najar (Anderlecht, Bélgica).

FORWARDS /DELANTEROS: Georgie Welcome (Motagua), Rony Martínez (Real Sociedad), Jerry Bengtson (New England Revolution, Estados Unidos) y Carlo Costly (Guizhou Zhicheng, China) y Jerry Palacios (Liga Deportiva Alajuelense, Costa Rica).

Following this Soccer game Honduras will hopefully once again advance to the World Cup in Brazil during 2014.


Previous Honduras vs Jamaica soccer matches during 2013

Honduras vs Jamaica 7:00 PM Local Honduras time (9:00 PM New York Time) match to be held at the Honduras National Stadium in Tegucigalpa.

See the minute by minute Updates of the Game below. Honduras defeated Jamaica by a score of 2 – 0 and faces the USA in Utah next on Tuesday June 18, 2013.

Rafael Leonardo Callejas, President of the Fenafuth (Honduras National Federation of Football) and head coach of the Seleccion de Honduras Luis Fernando Suarez determined after a prompt visit to the Tegucigalpa (Estadio Tiburcio Carías Andino) Honduras National Stadium that the World Qualifier / Hexagonal /CONCACAF soccer match between the National Team of  Honduras vs Jamaica on Tuesday June 11th 2013 will be held in Tegucigalpa at 7:00 PM local time (9:00 PM New York Time) after a few minor field and stadium improvements were made. The list of improvements have all been addressed and final touches are being made at the Honduras National Stadium in preparation for the soccer game (futbol as we say in Honduras).

Partial view of the National Stadium and the Capital City of Tegucigalpa Francisco Morazan Honduras

Partial view of the National Stadium and the Capital City of Tegucigalpa Francisco Morazan Honduras Photo by: Juan BendeckSee more Honduras Photos

Of special note made by coach Luis Suarez is the he and the players made the decision to play the match in Tegucigalpa was made by them and for the fans in the capital city of Honduras as well as those in nearby locations who will be able to make the trip to the game. The last time “La Bicolor H” played a soccer match at the National Stadium was 3,857 days ago precisely vs Jamaica. The only stadium in Honduras where the “Seleccion de Honduras” has ever qualified for a world cup was precisely in the National Stadium in Tegucigalpa where they qualified for the 1982 World Cup in Spain.

Coach Suarez added that “There is no problem playing futbol in Tegucigalpa, we are the same team that play in any other city including the Olympic stadium in San Pedro Sula.


Marco Antonio Rodríguez Moreno – Nickname: “Chiquidrácula

Nationality: Mexico


Marvin Cesar Torrentera Rivera

Nationality: Mexico

Marcos Quintero Huitron

Nationality: Mexico

Fourth official:

Jesús Fabricio Morales Bojorquez

Nationality: Mexico

Honduras National Team Players:

Noel Valladares (Olimpia)
Donis Escober (Olimpia)
Kevin Hernández (Real España)


4. Arnold Peralta (Vida)
5. Brayan Beckeles (Olimpia)
6. Victor Bernárdez (San José, MLS)
7. Osman Chávez (Wisla Cracovia, Polonia)
8. Maynor Figueroa ( Wigan, Inglaterra)
9. Juan Pablo Montes (Platense)
10. Emilio Izaguirre (Celtic)
11. Juan Carlos García (Olimpia)

12. Luis Garrido (Estrella Roja, Belgrado)
13. Jorge Claros (Hibernian, Escocia)
14. Roger Espinoza (Wigan, Inglaterra)
15. Wilmer Fuentes (Marathón)
16. Carlos Discua (Motagua)
17. Boniek García (Dynamo, MLS)
18. Mario Martínez (Seattle, MLS)
19. Bayron Méndez (Platense)


20. Jerry Bengtson (New England, MLS)
21. Roger Rojas (Olimpia)
22. Carlo Costly (Veria, Grecia)
23. Jerry Palacios (Alajuela, Costa Rica) Note: Jerry Palacios was injured in the match vs Costa Rica on Friday and did not practice with the team yesterday. He listed as doubtful for the match vs Jamaica on Tuesday.

Jamaica currently occupies last place in the six-team final round CONCACAF World Cup qualifier zone with two points; one fewer than Mexico and two behind Honduras, United States and Costa Rica, with Panama leading the group on five points.

Darren Matocks - Jamaica Soccer Team

Darren Matocks one of the many Jamaica Reaggae Boyz National Team Players

Jamaica’s Reggae Boyz

JAMAICA National Soccer Team Players – Alvas Powell, Xavian Virgo, Jermaine Hue, Richard McCallum, O’Brian Woodbine, Damian Williams, Montrose Phinn, Jermie Lynch, Evan Taylor, Jermaine Johnson, Keammar Daley, André Blake, Daniel Gordon, Darren Mattocks, Rodolph Austin, Jobi McAnuff, Adrian Mariappa, Garath McLeary, Donovan Ricketts, Dwayne Miller, Theo Robinson, Marvin Elliott, Dane Richards, Demar Phillips, Ryan Johnson and Jermaine Beckford.

Game Updates:

Honduras Final Roster for the match vs Jamaica

Noel Valladares
Juan Pablo Montes
Víctor “Muma” Bernárdez
Arnold Peralta
Emilio Izaguirre
Luis Garrido
Roger Espinoza
Wilson Palacios
Mario Martinez
Boniek García
Roger Rojas


Jamaica Final Roster for the match vs Honduras


Both National Anthems have been completed, the players have all exchanges hand shakes and the game begins with Honduras wearing their full white uniforms and Jamaica in yellow.

Minute 8 in the game Honduras Scores and leads 1 – 0 vs Jamaica Goal by Boniek García

Minute 21 Marvin Chávez begins to warm up on the sidelines. At minute 27 he replaced Boniek García

At minute 31, tarjeta yellow card issued to Luis Garrido who now will be ineligible for the upcaoming game vs USA

MInute 44 Víctor “Muma” Bernárdez is issued a yellow card and will also not be able to play vs USA

Half Time, Honduras leads Jamaica 1 – 0

Costa Rica is currently tied vs Mexico who faces Honduras at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico next after Honduras plays vs USA

Second Half has begun! Let’s go Honduras

Play has been stopped at minute momentarily as Juan Pablo Montes has been injured and exits the field of play

Current points standings:

Costa Rica and México 8 pointss, USA 7, Panamà 6, Honduras 4 and Jamaica 2

Minute 60 Jamaica replaces two players – Ryan Johnson and Je-Vaughn Watson. Darren Matocks and Theo Robinson enter the field of play.

Minute 70 game still tied Honduras 1 and Jamaica 0

Minute 72 and Jamaica replaces Jermaine Johnson with Damian Williams.

Minute 74 Honduras replaces Mario Martínez with Jorge Claros.

Minute 78 Foul by Jamaica player  Adrian Mariappa against Marvin Chávez – Adrian is issued a red card and expelled from the game.

Honduras replaces Emilio Izaguirre with Juan Carlos García at minute 86.

Honduras scores again :-) Game is now 2 – 0 Honduras vs Jamaica Goal by Roger Rojas

Honduras now has evened its for and against goals with 6 for and  6 against. Costa Rica is 2, México +1, USA +1 y Panamà +2
Game over; Honduras wins Final score Honduras 2 Jamaica 0
Updated Current points positions; Costa Rica and México 8 points, USA and Honduras 7, Panamà 6 and Jamaica 2
The USA is at half time winning 1 – 0 vs Panama
Honduras vs the USA next in Utah, USA Tuesday June 18th 2013

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