Honduras vs Costa Rica 2013

The Honduras National Team attempted to defend its title as the UNCAF champion today vs Costa Rica.

Final Score Costa Rica 1 – Honduras 0

Costa Rica defeated the defending champion team of Honduras on a goal scored while off-sides at minute 37 of the game by: Giancarlo González. Although the Costa Rica goal should have been annulled  Costa Rica played a much better technical game and actually forgave many miscues by the Seleccion Catracha.

The Honduran national team improved in the second half, pressured Costa Rica in search of a draw, but returned to prove that we are still very weak and lack a more aggressive attack strategy.

Hats off to the new UNCAF Copa Centro Americana Champions our neighbors and friends Costa Rica.

Before the start of the match, Costa Rica already was favorite to win against Honduras the Uncaf Cup, and thus they proved it.
Honduras National Soccer Team - Selección Catracha de Honduras

Honduras National Soccer Team – Selección Catracha de Honduras

The event: Central American Cup 2013
UNCAF Copa Centro Americana
Honduras vs Costa Rica – 2013
January 27, 2013 – 5:00 pm FINAL UNCAF CHAMPIONSHIP

Honduras’s La Selección has represented the country well in the UNCAF Central American Cup in 2013. The Honduras soccer team remains unbeaten in the past eight matches of the Copa Centroamericana, and have only given up one point (or less) in their last fourteen games there.

Winning Sunday’s soccer championship will not be an easy task for Los Catrachos, however, as they will be playing Costa Rica on the Tico’s home turf. This UNCAF final match is for pride’s sake more than anything else, as Honduras has already qualified for the 2013 Gold Cup, in which they are the current the defending champions.

Honduras vs Costa Rica Game Time is 5 pm – Honduras Time.

Central American Cup

Fifth Place
Guatemala 1 – 3 Panama

Honduras 1 – 0 Belize
Costa Rica 1 – 0 El Salvador

UPCOMING GAMES- Central American Cup

Third place
El Salvador vs Belize 01/27/13 (2:30 pm)

CHAMPIONSHIP of the UNCAF Copa Centro Americana
Costa Rica vs Honduras 01/27/13 (5:00 pm)

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