Honduras TSE Officially Declares Hernández the President-Elect

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal made the official announcement that for the 2013 Honduras general elections, Juan Orlando Hernández is declared the winner by more than 1,149,302 votes.

In a string of radio and television announcements, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE -Tribunal Supremo Electoral) said that Xiomara Castro Zelaya received 896,498 votes; Mauricio Villeda, 632,320, and Salvador Nasralla, 418,443.

Juan Orlando Hernández Elected President of Honduras

The Honduras TSE Officially Declared Juan Orlando Hernández the Elected President of Honduras

The Honduras TSE denied any legal challenges against the election results, giving official victory to the National Party candidate. The TSE, “…declares elected as constitutional President of the Republic of Honduras for a period of four years, beginning on January 27, 2014, and ending on January 27, 2018, citizen Juan Orlando Hernández,” according to the verdict read out by the Chairman of the Honduras TSE, David Matamoros.

In addition, the TSE declared as elected, the designated Vice Presidents, Ricardo Álvarez, Roxana Guevara, and Lorena Herrera.

Ex-President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, does not accept the results, and called upon supporters of the Libre Party to demand that the TSE review the records and counting of votes, arguing that there were irregularities in the elections, which “stole” the triumph from his wife.

According to the final data of the Honduras TSE, Hernandez won on election day with 1,149,302 votes (36.89%) of the 3,115,448 counted; the candidate of the leftist Libre Party, Xiomara Castro Zelaya (who does not recognize the results), obtained 896,498 votes (28.77%), i.e. 252,804 less. The Liberal Party was able to rally 632,320 votes (20.29%); the Anti-Corruption Party, 418,443 (13.43%); the Honduran Patriotic Alliance Party, 6,105 (0.19%); the Christian Democrat Party, 5,194 (0.16%); the Party for Innovation and Unity, 4,468 (0.14%); and the alliance between FAPER and the Democratic Unification Party earned 3,118 votes (0.10%).

Matamoros indicated that the official declaration from members of the Central American Parliament, the National Congress, and Municipal Corporations will follow subsequently, with no date specified, although legally they have until December 24, 2013.

So far, the President-elect has been recognized and hailed as such by all the countries of Central America, as well as Colombia, Chile, Spain, The United States, Mexico, Italy, and Japan, amongst others.

According to the Honduras TSE, of the 5.3 million Hondurans over the age of 18 years, and who were eligible to vote, 3,274,920 went to the polls on November 24, 2013 to participate in the 2013 Honduras general elections.

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