Honduras Tourism, Vacation and Travel Information

An open invitation for the whole weekend in the spectacular Country of Honduras! This is a pleasant proposition that is usually cut short due to a lack of time or money, or else because we already know by heart the places there are to visit … but none of that applies to Honduras in late October.

Honduras Tourism, Vacation and Travel Information

Honduras Tourism, Vacation and Travel Information

With the aim of encouraging domestic tourism, the highest levels of government in Honduras have decided to combine the three days of national holiday in October on the last weekend of the month. The idea is a simple one, to let the general public have some time off so they can visit their place of origin, or else enjoy a leisurely visit to vacation zones, in addition to the fact that on that weekend “most people get paid,” and that means that two of the excuses for not going anywhere are already used up, so all that’s left is to choose a destination, and a universe of possibilities swims into view…

Thanks to the country’s impeccable weather, you can choose destinations that generally speaking break down into the mountains, beaches, historical sites, eco-tourism, national parks, or just a trip to see your relatives, and among these choices there is always an option close to home, like visiting the hot springs at Copán, Gracias, La Ceiba and Trujillo, or delighting in the icy waters of the water falls scattered all over the country, or taking a dive in the fresh water caves of Utila, there’s water, lots of water, and crystal clear as well, in seas considered the clearest waters in the world, so then … options? – you’ve got hundreds of them, the real problem is having to make up your mind.

Breaking out of your routine is healthy, with hikes through national parks full of enormous trees, and just a few steps away strolls through the midget forests of La Esperanza and Cortés, a small motor launch to explore the mangrove forests of the Gulf of Fonseca (Pictured above), Atlántida, Colón and the La Moskitia region of Gracias a Dios, excursions tinged with a free environmental soundtrack featuring birds as live performers day and night, with idyllic descriptions commensurate with the reality within Honduras.

Cold, heat, rain and sun, depending on your itinerary, but in all of them the delightful scent of coffee, the best coffee in the world, accompanied by corn and wheat delicacies, donuts, the local tustaca pastries, marquesote or homemade bread, as prelude to heavenly banquets wrapped in plantain leaves and corn reminding us of the indigenous origins of an entire country, tamales, sipas, ticucos, güirilas and hundreds of other delicacies prompting shivers of delight at their mere memory.

Familiar places, towns and cities, Tegucigalpa the capital, surrounded by dozens of small towns where it’s normal to be exotic, a visit to shopping centers or museums, and a night immersed in the mists of Santa Lucía; the warmth of San Pedro Sula or the lively fun of night life in La Ceiba, for no matter where you turn, more options of places to visit come to mind, places to savor and new memories to record.

Honduras is like that, a geographically small country where going from the Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean is a matter of a few hours, and a vast country where every spot is worth knowing, where stories of past and present live in harmony, in a country of good, happy people who enjoy good conversation and telling their stories, a country that can’t be known on a one-day holiday, but with the benefit of time will proffer inordinate satisfaction as you discover it.

There’s absolutely no excuse in the last week of October and for that matter any other time of the year Honduras is ready to provide you with the vacation you have been dreaming about; so it’s time to start planning.

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Honduran National Chamber of Tourism – CANATURH

Phone: (504) 2232-1927

E-mail: direccion@canaturh.org

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