Honduras Tourism – Honduras Has So Much to Offer

It’s a miracle that earth has such beauty. It is simply impossible to create a wonder like the ones which are naturally made. If we see the planet from space, and take a glance towards the Americas, then you can see a bridge that connects North America with South America. Honduras lies on that particular bridge which we can see from space. It’s amazing to feel the glory of that nature, especially when we stand at a place which is surrounded with the greenery and colorful beauty of it.

Honduras is at the Center of the Americas

Honduras is at the Center of the Americas

Honduras is actually a Republic in Central America, and was officially called Spanish Honduras so that it could be differentiated from British Honduras. The country of Honduras is surrounded on the southwest by EI Salvador, and Nicaragua to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the south at Gulf of Fonseca, and the Gulf of Honduras towards the north direction. The Gulf of Honduras is a huge inlet from the Caribbean Sea. The size of this country is more than 112,000 square kilometers where more than 8,000,000 people exist.

Hiking in Honduras is a Favorite Tourism Activity

Honduras Tourism – Honduras has so much to see and do

The capital of Honduras is Tegucigalpa. If we go back to the history of this country, then the archaeologists have established that it has a rich and multi-ethnic prehistory. The prehistory explores the presence of Mayan communities, especially around the city of Copan in Western Honduras, close to the border of Guatemala. Here, you will see many carved inscriptions and stelae.

The climate of Honduras varies from tropical in the lowlands to temperate in the mountains. The Central and Southern areas are comparatively hotter, and also less humid as compared to the northern coast. The territory of Honduras comprises of largely mountains, but narrow plains can also be found along the coasts. The Honduras tourism industry has worked hard to enable access to some of the most attractive sites, like the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve, along with the Coco River that separates this country from Nicaragua. Visit the Islas de la Bahia (the Bay Islands) and the Swan Islands (Islas del Cisne) which are part of Honduras.

The natural resources of Honduras comprise of timber, gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, iron ore, antimony, coffee, coal, fish, shrimp and hydropower. This region is measured as a biodiversity hot spot due to the number of plant and animal species. It has widespread biological resources. This country has more than 6,000 species of Vascular plants out of which 630 are orchids, 250 reptiles and amphibians, over 700 bird species, 110 mammal species, and the remaining half are bats. You can experience the rain forests, cloud forests, mangroves, savannas, mountain ranges with pine and oak trees, and also the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System.

Honduras Tourism Industry

The Bay Islands has bottlenose dolphins, manta rays, parrot fish, schools of blue tang and whale sharks. Through this you might have gotten that Honduras has plenty of attractions to see and explore, from its flora and fauna to the exotic natural beauties.

The economy of this country has continued to grow slowly, but the Honduras tourism industry has continued to work hard and diligently to provide tourists with a once in a lifetime experience of diverse options. The infrastructure of Honduras has continue to develop, although it has been subject to many natural disasters over the years.  Even with the ups and downs of the economy, as well as politics, the Tourism Industry has not given up and continues to provide world class Hotels, Resorts, Tours, Diving and many other new and trending activities.

Reaching Honduras is not a big issue. American Airlines United / Continental TACA, Aero Mexico, and many other International Air Travel options as well as Cruise Ships can get you to Honduras. Tegucigalpa airport is located at a distance of 5 kilometers to the southeast direction of the city. Taxis and buses function to and from the city. Basic facilities like bars, restaurants, duty-free shops, banks, cars for hire, post office, and first aid are available at the airport. International airports like La Mesa International Airport, which is situated in San Pedro Sula, Goloson in La Ceiba, and Dr. Juan Manuel Galvez on Roatan are the other ways to get to Honduras by air from International Destinations.

The Honduras tourism industry has worked hard to promote the arrival of cruise ships to Roatan and Trujillo, which allow you to reach Honduras by Sea, and there are major ports in the country like Amapala, EI Henecan, La Ceiba, Puerto Cortes, Trujillo and Roatan. Cruiseships and vessels have accommodations for passengers. Travel by cruises is common these days and major cruise lines have invested heavily along with Honduran tourism industry entrepreneurs. You can also get access to this country by road. Routes are available from EI Salvador and Nicaragua through the Pan-American Highway and also from Guatemala on the Western Highway.

Honduras tourism activities that you can try in this country are plentiful. Go hiking at the marvelous Pico Bonito National Park located close to La Ceiba. You will experience amazing scenery, rolling slopes and a number of waterfalls. Enjoy birdwatching at Lake Yojoa which is located in the western side of the country. Spelunking is the best option that you should try in the Cuyamel Caves close to Trujillo, so do not miss this opportunity. You should hire a guide for your safety at the caves.

A boat trip to Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge will make you feel pleasant and it offers animal species like monkeys, alligators and manatees and many waterbirds. Try fishing on the coasts and Lake Yojoa which is famous for bass fishing throughout the world. Scuba diving on the Bay Islands and white-water rafting along the Cangrejal River which lies close to La Ceiba are the best activities that you should try. With this, canopy touring offers excellent views of the rainforests.

Copan Ruins Archaeological Park is the best ruins that represents the culture of Mayan Indians. Ruins like Acropolis, the Great Plaza and the Court of the Hieroglyphic Stairway are the ancient ruins and now the Rastrojon Archaeological site are worth a visit.

Spanish buildings can be found in Trujillo on the Caribbean coast which also offers wonderful tropical beaches. Experience the great coral reef at Guanaja, Utila and Roatan. Take a deep breath at the sandy beaches bounded by palm trees on all three of the Bay Islands as well as Cayos Cochinos and for that matter throughout the vast coastlines of the country. Anywhere in the country, you can experience nature like wildlife refuges and national parks, with landscapes of flora and fauna.

Today, experiencing your best holiday ever is not at all a difficult task as you have millions of exotic locations waiting just to welcome you to our country. Accommodations can be easily found in Honduras, as it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. You can enjoy the cloud forests, mountains, dry forests, pine forests, coastal wetlands and enormous rivers in this country.

Also contact your local travel agent for Honduras tourism information to make your holiday a memorable one that will never be erased from your mind; you will always feel refreshed whenever you think about a trip to Honduras. Be sure to Bookmark Honduras.com to keep up with the latest goings on in our beautiful country and follow us on Facebook as we show you our “bridge” that connects North and South America.

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