Juan Orlando Hernandez Honduras Presidential Inauguration

In his inaugural address, Honduras President Hernandez emphasized the main proposal of his campaign, to reduce insecurity in the country

In his inaugural address, Honduras President Hernandez emphasized the main proposal of his campaign, to reduce insecurity in the country, which is to a great extent the result of activities tied to international drug trafficking. To attack this problem he has called for international support, pursuing a strategy of direct combat that makes use of all necessary resources to prevent Honduras from continuing to be part of the drug corridor between South and North America.

Despite these adversities, the influx of tourists into Honduras from all over the world has increased, and for many different reasons.  For one, Honduras has the world’s second largest coral barrier reef, largest in the Americas, and it is the country that conserves it in the best state of health thanks to organizations such as BICA (Bay Islands Conservation Association).

Honduras visitors have an opportunity to interact with ecosystems already extinct everywhere else in the Caribbean.  Due to these pristine conditions it is also one of the places with the clearest waters on the planet.  It has first rate hotel facilities and international air access. Islas de la Bahía (also known as the Bay Islands) has become the leading cruise destination for tourists in all of Central America, and one of the 10 most popular locations for divers in the world.

Bay Island DIving

Honduras Diving

More than 27,000 square kilometers are devoted to national parks and protected areas, notably the  Rio Platano Biosphere, named by UNESCO as a “World Heritage Site,” a place where biodiversity is impossible to quantify considering that most of the forest is inaccessible to people. (Thus the lack of a really cool photo here)

In addition to its already vast variety of natural, cultural and historic attractions, the country’s tourist offerings have been enhanced with the addition of the archaeological site “El Rastrojon

Rastrajon Copan Honduras

Smoke Jaguar. Located at the Rastrajon Archeological park in Copan. A newly open Tourism Destnation with even more Mayan History for Honduras,

to the world famous Maya city of Copan; a new port for cruise ships has been built in Trujillo (Take a peak at the first cruise ship in Trijillo Honduras), the place where Columbus first set foot on the continental territory of the Americas; the “Indura Beach & Golf Resort” is newly built, one of the world’s 10 best resorts for 2014 (Honduras.com ohh and yeah The New York Post Agrees too if that matters to you LOL),

and there are many other features, such as excellent highways and local airports. So what are you waiting for? Book a flight to Honduras Now!

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