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Honduras National Soccer Team - Selección Catracha de Honduras

Honduras National Soccer Team – Selección Catracha de Honduras

Played by millions around the world, soccer is the heart and soul of Honduras. Even in extremely “down” times, Hondurans will stop what they are doing and watch live on TV, listen to soccer live on the radio and forget all the daily pressures. The country of Honduras actually has decrees presented in Congress on a regular basis to declare “work holiday” during international soccer matches that occur during business hours. The Honduran government, all the way up to the President of the country publicly plea with business to give their valued employees time off for soccer games.

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Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Honduras

Honduras Soccer – Local Soccer League Standings:

Honduras Soccer (Honduras Fútbol)
FENAFUTH – National Autonomous Federation of Honduras Football
Produced by: Federación Nacional Autónoma de Fútbol de Honduras
Colonia Florencia Norte, Edificio Plaza
América Ave.
Roble, 1 y 2 Nivel
Tegucigalpa, HondurasPhone: 504/2231-1436
Fax: 504/2239-8826
Official Website: http://www.fenafuth.org

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