Honduras Primary Elections 2012 Heating Up!

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November 16, 2012
by Honduras Political Analyst o MaR Jr – (Disclaimer)

honduras electionWith less than 48 hours for the electoral booths to open, the elections are already hot and getting hotter! In the last days the state prosecuting office confiscated over 2,500 ID voting cards in the Comayagua headquarters of the Azules Unidos movement, which many consider the official government backed wing of the National Party. You might recall that in order to be able to vote in Honduras, you need your official voting ID if you do not have that document, you are not allowed to vote.

Normally, obtaining this document is a complicated issue, and many people have to wait for years in order to get it or have it replaced if lost or stolen. Ironically, when election times come around, the political parties have a way of using their influence and getting thousands of these document cards printed. Such is the case of Azules Unidos, who managed to get thousands of ID cards printed and were officially distributing them to their rightful owners, the voters. Although everyone agrees that the political parties or the candidates that are running for office should have nothing to do with these cards, the truth is that this practice is common in all parties and many candidates fall to the temptation of “helping” voters obtain their ID’s, hopefully in exchange for a vote in their favor. The big risk is that it also lends itself to the possibility or retaining the ID cards from those that you know will not vote in your favor!

However the biggest news regarding the above is the fact that two of the three biggest wings within the National Party, Salvemos Honduras (Ricardo Alvarez) and Por Mi Pais, (Miguel Pastor) held a joint press conference yesterday at the National Party headquarters in Tegucigalpa and accused president Lobo and his staff, mainly Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arturo Corrales of blatantly helping the campaign of Juan Orlando Hernandez. According to Alvarez and Pastor, the government has used its power to benefit their candidate, Juan Orlando Hernandez. Acts to go from conditioning the “bonus 10,000” government program that gives 10,000 Lempiras (about $500 US) to families in need in exchange for a commitment to vote in favor of Hernandez, as well as to other government give away programs; this is a serious accusation.

President Lobo is out of the county and therefore did not comment personally to the accusations; however Maria Antonieta Guillen de Bogran, the minister of the presidency and presidential designate (equivalent to Vice President) immediately denied the accusations.

In any case, as we had already predicted in Fantasy Politics, the political machinery behind Hernandez is strong and will surely go out of its way using both, ethical and unethical actions to ensure its supremacy and obtain the nomination of the National Party to the presidency. In our opinion, their success may be the downfall of the National Party, opening the door for one of the emerging political forces to run past them in the race for the presidency of Honduras in 2013.

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