Honduras Presidential Palace Increases Security

The Presidential Honor Guard began to implement new security measures this week, including registering visitors to the President, and screening them with airport-style metal detectors.

A stopping point has been created in front of the parking lot of the Casa Presidencial (Presidential House), with one area for visitors and employees, and another for journalists.

Anyone entering the premises of the Presidential Palace is to step through a detector of high sensitivity, which reflects brooches, pants zippers, and others metal objects on their person. Bags and other belongings pass through a separate scanner, displaying the metals inside. As at airports, visitors must deposit their cell phones, key rings, recorders, cameras, and other metal objects in a basket.

Heightened safety measures began in July of last year, with an investment of 10 million lempiras in the project. Changes have included the construction of a perimeter wall reinforced with metal, the installation of security cameras, and a change of vehicles.

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