Honduras Newspapers

Honduras newspapers are printed exclusively in the country’s official language of Spanish (Periodicos de Honduras en Español). Honduras News is an English language online news source updated daily.

Honduras Newspapers

Honduras Newspapers

The main Honduras newspapers consist of La Tribuna and El Heraldo, which are headquartered in Tegucigalpa; and two more daily papers, Tiempo and La Prensa, which are based in San Pedro Sula. Honduras newspapers reach about 159,000 Hondurans.

Newspapers of “the resistance” consist of El Libertador, El Patriota, and Vos el Soberano. Additionally, a few news sources are published online, such as Hondudiario, Proceso Digital, and Honduras News. More about the Honduras newspapers such as contact email addresses, can be found below these listings.

Honduras Newspapers

La Tribuna Newspaper in Honduras
La Tribuna

El Heraldo Newspaper in Honduras
El Heraldo
Tiempo Newspaper in Honduras
La Prensa Newspaper in Honduras
La Prensa
La Gaceta Newspaper in Honduras
La Gaceta
El Libertador Newspaper in Honduras
El Libertador
El Patriota Newspaper in Honduras
El Patriota
Vos el Soberano Newspaper in Honduras
Vos el Soberano
Hondudiario News in Honduras
Proceso Digital Newspaper in Honduras
Proceso Digital
Hablemos Claro Newspaper in Honduras
Hablemos Claro
Hablamos Claro Financiera Newspaper in Honduras
Diez Newspaper in Honduras
MAS Newspaper in Honduras
El Ceibeno Newspaper in Honduras
El Ceibeño
Puerto Cortés Newspaper in Honduras
Puerto Cortés News
Olanchito Newspaper in Honduras
Olanchito News
Bay Islands Voice Newspaper in Honduras
Bay Islands Voice


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La Gaceta – The Official Newspaper of Honduras

The Country of Honduras recognizes only one newspaper for publicized official notices. It is the government-run newspaper, “La Gaceta” (The Gazette).

Publisher of Honduras Official Newspaper

Publisher of La Gaceta, the Official Newspaper of the Republic of Honduras

Various Honduran government administrations have attempted to publish La Gaceta online. It has yet to become a permanent reality. [Example: La Gaceta Digital Edition at http://www.lagaceta.hn has not functioned for quite some time.]  In fact, in August of 2013, the official website for La Gaceta was hacked.

COHEP (the Honduran National Business Council) has been the most consistent in providing recent laws published in the paper edition of La Gaceta. They keep digital archives of the official newspaper online also. These editions are located at the COHEP website. Several editions of La Gaceta in PDF format have been archived at IAIP, (the Institute for Access to Public Information). These online copies of the newspaper are located at the IAIP website.  The Secretary of Labor and Security also attempts to provide La Gaceta published information at http://www.trabajo.gob.hn/transparencia/regulacion/la-gaceta-1/

The National Graphic Arts Company (La Empresa Nacional de Artes Gráficas – ENAG) is the only authorized printer of La Gaceta, which publishes well over 2,500 physical copies a day. Unfortunately, even their website is often non-functional (n/f). The Gazette newspaper can be purchased in the capital of Tegucigalpa, as well as in the cities of San Pedro SulaCholutecaLa Ceiba and Comayagua.

Honduras Newspaper Interests

Private interests own around 80 percent of Honduras newspapers. Political figures are a prominent part of the Honduran press. Jaime Rosenthal is a Liberal Party leader who ran in the Honduras primary for the 1993 national election. Rosenthal owns El Tiempo, which is considered a liberal paper, and known to criticize the national police and military. As a result, their former newspaper editor, Manuel Gamero, has at times been jailed. Follow he latest political news in our Honduras Politics section of Honduras.com

La Tribuna and La Prensa are considered by most readers to be more centrist than the other Honduran papers, although some would say La Prensa is a little more to the right of center. La Prensa is a publication of Grupo OPSA, who publishes Estilo, Estrategia y Negocios, Chicos, and Guia Medica among others. Grupo OPSA also publishes the Honduras newspapers El Heraldo, El Ceibeño, El Progreseño, and Diez. La Prensa has ties to San Pedro Sula businesses, and its President, Jorge Canahuati Larach, is a member of the family that publishes El Heraldo and Diez. El Heraldo is more conservative than La Prensa, and has been more favorable in its coverage of the military than others. El Heraldo often reflects the positions of the National Party. La Tribuna is owned by yet another political figure, Carlos Flores Facusse, who in 1989 made an unsuccessful bid for the presidency before being elected to that post in the November 1997 election. La Tribuna has close ties to the Liberal Party, and to Tegucigalpa’s industrial sector.

Former President Rafael Leonardo Callejas was the principal stockholder of the former popular newspaper, El Periodico. El Periodico was known for its conservative views.

Newspapers Contact Information

Honduras newspapers with daily updated information (in print) are almost exclusively in Spanish.  Those in the English language are indicated by [English].

  • Bay Islands Voice – General information on happenings in the Bay Islands of Honduras. Founded by Poland-born architect, photojournalist, reporter and editorial cartoonist Thomas Tomczyk in 2003.  The publication was sold in March of 2012 to Robert A. Armstrong, who served 23 years as a U.S. Foreign Service Officer. [English] Tels: (504) 9976-6203, (504) 9821-6169, US (703) 825-3524; Email: Info@BayIslandsVoice.com
  • Diez – A sports newspaper published by La Prensa, meaning “10”. The daily Ten includes updates on all Honduras football teams and other athletic competitions taking place in the country. Contact information is the same as for La Prensa (below).
  • El Ceibeño – A weekly newspaper covering the city of La Ceiba and the Caribbean Coast of Honduras. The Ceibeño is published by La Prensa. The paper’s website has not been updated since 2014. Tel. (504) 440-1034; Email: laceiba@laprensa.hn
  • El Heraldo – This long established Tegucigalpa newspaper presents in-depth opinions and editorials covering the entire country of Honduras. Tel (504) 2236-6000; Email: acarcamo@elheraldo.hn
  • El Libertador – Founded by Editor Jhonny Lagos who was previously employed as an economic analyst at El Heraldo for 10 years. Lagos believed that the current papers did not safeguard societal values and decided to create a publication that would “feature interviews with shoeless Hondurans instead of oligarch families”. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • El Patriota –  “The News that Others Hide”. Daily newspaper with national and international articles. Honduras politics, economics, sports, health, tourism, and opinion. Tel. 2234-3702; Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • El Progreseño – International, regional, and local news from El Progreso in the department of Yoro. The paper’s website has not been updated since 2014.El Progreso, Honduras
  • Financeria – Financial themed newspaper of Hablamos Claro (below). Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Hablamos Claro – Meaning Clear Talk. Features political, editorial, economic and health related articles.First weekly magazine published in Tegucigalpa.  Founded by journalist Rodrigo Wong Arévalo, who serves as the main Editor.  Tels. (504) 2239-3916,
    (504) 2239-8058, (504) 2239-4350; Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Hondudiario – Digital newspaper with international and nationwide coverage of sports, beauty, business, economy. Online contact. Tegucigalpa, Honduras
  • Honduras.com News – News relating to the country of Honduras.  Honduran politics, tourism, history, and culture. [English] Tel. 504 2443-6118; Email: hondurasnews@honduras.com; La Ceiba, Honduras
  • Honduras News – General, business, soccer, tourism, financial, and environmental news from Honduras. [English] Email: stanley@hondurasnews.com
  • Honduras Politics – Political happenings in the country of Honduras. [English]
  • La Prensa – One of the most popular papers since October 26, 1964.  President: Jorge Canahuati Larach, Executive Director: María Antonia Martínez de Fuentes.  La Prensa has the largest daily circulation in Honduras. Tel. (504) 2236-7679
    Email: contactenos@go.com.hn; San Pedro Sula, Honduras
  • La Tribuna – A daily newspaper featuring general news, editorials and opinions, founded in the city of Tegucigalpa on December 9, 1976. Tels. 234-3206, 234-3006, 234-2673, 234-2674, 234-2678, 234-2680. San Pedro Sula Office Tels. 550-1446, 550-1447, 550-1441, 550-1114, 550-1019; Fax 550-0390; E-Mail: internet@latribuna.hn
  • Proceso Digital – Founded April 29, 2005. Director: Marlen Perdomo Zelaya. Online contact.
  • Puerto Cortés News – Includes Honduran customs, culture, sports, and the promotion of tourism. Founded June 26, 2010 by five Honduran siblings, Marlom, Ludwig, Denis, Jimmy and Betsy, the children of Jaime Enrique Tovar Rivera and Amanda Elisa Zelaya de Tovar. Cell: (504) 9962-3666, email: vdport@puertocorteshn.net.
  • Roatan News – [English]
  • Soccer News – [English]
  • Tiempo –  Founded on November 7, 1970 in San Pedro Sula. In depth national and international news and sports. 
  • Utila East Wind – A former monthly publication about happenings on the island of Utila.
  • Vos el Soberano – An initiative that aims to spread democratic values ​​in Honduras society through information and analysis.
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Honduras News

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