Honduras Kitchen for Kids with Diabetes

Honduras’ “Kitchen for Kids with Diabetes” was recently inagurated as a measure to slow down the increase in childhood diabetes cases.

The “Kitchen” is located in the Pediatric Endocrinology area where 50 glucose meters were given to patients. One of the main objectives is to benefit 250 minors that receive attention at that center. Those who have diabetes mellitus type 1 and obesity problems.

Another focus will be to teach parents, through workshops, how to make healthier meals for their kids. Ana de Hernandez, the wife of the President of the Honduras National Congress, stated that what they are looking for is to teach the affected population that they can have a delicious balanced diet.

“My dad suffers from diabetes; I know how sad it is to see how a family member has to deal with that disease,” according to Mrs. Hernandez.

The Head of the Endocrinology area, Guillermo Villatoro, said that they receive daily one or two new kids with symptoms of these diseases. He added that “95% of infants with weight problems are due to their life style, and the other 5% is because of genetic problems and thyroid issues.” “This has been opened at a good time, and will benefit patients that have this disease.”

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