Honduras Flowers

Honduras flowers make for beautiful bouquets. A wide variety of floral arrangements can be created with native Honduran flowers, as there are so many different types to choose from! It is popular for hotels and restaurants to use them as decor, and on special holidays, cathedrals throughout the country are abundantly adorned with blossoms.

Honduras Flowers Include the Double Hibiscus

Popular Honduras Flowers include the Double Hibiscus

Festival of Flowers Siguatepeque Honduras

Festival of Flowers Siguatepeque Honduras

Those living in Honduras enjoy flowering bushes in their yards. This foliage can then be used in vases for impressive, colorful, long-lasting arrangements in the home.

Siguatepeque, Honduras is actually known throughout the country as “The Capital of Flowers”.  This town showcases the local Honduras flowers that grow in the region at its festival each year. This  Festival of Flowers is held every February, and ends with a grand parade featuring heavenly scented floats decorated with flora of the area.

Honduras flowers include tropical varieties such as the Alpinia, Heliconia and Bougainvillea which are vibrant in color, but do not have a scent. The sun-loving Hibiscus (both single and double) can be seen throughout the country in numerous shades, as well as the cheerful Moss-Rose (ground cover).

Moss Rose Honduras

Small Honduras flowers such as the Moss Rose (Portulaca Grandiflora) can be seen throughout the country.

Orchids are the official flower of Honduras.

Orchids are the official flower of Honduras.

Honduras Rose

Honduras roses grow nicely in areas of the country with less humidity and higher elevations, such as Tegucigalpa.

Most flowers in Honduras are purchased on Mother’s Day.

The readily available torch ginger makes for long lasting arrangement, but some varieties of flowers in Honduras (such as the single Hibiscus), must be enjoyed on the plant, for when cut, they close shortly thereafter…never to reopen.

You can see a large assortment of tropical Honduras flowers at most of the National Parks, and in particular, strolling around the Pico Bonito National Park outside La Ceiba. In Lake Yojoa there is a large outdoor Bio-Park, “Paradise”, where one can camp amongst the greenery or sleep in a lodge-style guesthouse.

Roatan’s Carambola Gardens offers a peaceful outdoor setting for viewing a large variety of flowering plants.

Tela also has a world-renowned, amazing tropical botanical garden, “Jardin Botanico Lancetilla”, (Lancetilla Botanical Garden), where you can view thousands of beautiful, exotic flowers native to Honduras and Central America that you won’t find anywhere else.

The official flower of Honduras is the Orchid.

Photos of Honduras Flowers

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