Honduras Elections

Honduras, the Country that Can

Honduras is a small country, located in the center of the Americas. It has a flag of five stars, signifying the hope of unity of what was once a dream, called the “United States of Central America”.

honduras electionAfter many years of conflicts, not just in Central America, but in all of Latin America, Honduras emerged as an independent democratic “State”. Honduras calls itself a “State” to this day. It is imprinted on every official document and vehicle related to the governing bodies of Honduras. Estado de Honduras. Honduras considers itself the “center star” of the Central American states.

This weekend, Honduras emerged as a true “star” in the Americas. The glow of which was seen brightly shining across the faces of Hondurans entering the polls to cast their vote for continuing democracy in Honduras. For more than 20 years, Honduras has supported democratic elections in this State. Recently, a political crisis began, involving the overthrowing of the President elect. The majority of Hondurans believe, to this day, that it was a constitutional change of government, based on violations of the law by the executive branch. The international community immediately condemned the overthrow, and called it a military coup.

The Honduran people, however, continued to follow the constitutional government, and immediately announced that within two months there would still be elections, as outlined in the Honduran Constitution. The people of Honduras would continue to abide by their constitution, despite disapproval from many outside onlookers.

November 29, 2009, was a historic day in Honduras. Free and transparent elections were held once again, under the watchful eye of many international observers, and the Supreme Electoral Tribunal welcomed any audit from those skeptics. The Hondurans’ dedication to democracy was demonstrated by a casting of ballots of over 60%. Hondurans participated in an election to nominate the people they feel will support the Honduran ideal, and continue to provide Hondurans with the right to law and order in their country.

As a side, it is a notable statistic that of the 4,000,000 eligible to vote (those with identity cards), over one million of them do not currently live within Honduras. Not all Hondurans were able to vote in the foreign country in which they reside, as the United States is the only foreign country where Hondurans had the opportunity to cast a ballot for their country’s election. Honduras does not allow mail-in absentee ballots. That said, those statistics show that there was a voter turnout of approximately 70-80%; a statistic higher than that of any election in the United States, including the 62.5% voter turnout in 2008, which was the highest in that country’s history.

The Honduran people have spoken. They made a statement to the international community that it is their, and only their, country, and that they will decide its future. Against all odds, Honduras, “the little country that could”, did, and calmly awaits the peaceful transition of government, guaranteed by Constitution of Honduras, to take effect.

Honduras opens their arms to all tourists who want to experience the unity, peace, patriotism, and hospitality that shines within the people who live in paradise.

Honduras continues to welcome businesses and investors that desire to do business with a country whose people value and respect its laws. Honduras is, and continues to be, the “State of Honduras”, a star forever on the flag of unity.

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