Honduras Education

Honduras education and schooling is greatly improving thanks to donations and volunteer efforts throughout the country.  As in most third-world countries, Honduras simply does not have the financial resources to provide public schools, or transportation to such schools, throughout its many rural areas.  honduras education

Private institutions have stepped in, thankfully, and now offer many opportunities for eager Honduran students in many outlying areas. There are courses of study available beyond the elementary basics, and even the choice of attending a vocational school or University.

Those visiting Honduras who would like to further their education, can attend one of the many language courses available in popular Honduras vacation destinations.

Internet Directory [Directorio de Internet]
> Education [Educación]
Accreditation in Honduras
Become a Computer Trainer
Language Schools [Escuelas de Idiomas] 
Organizations [Organizaciones]
Schools [Escuelas]
Universities [Universidades] 
Other [Otros]
Central America Spanish School, La Ceiba, Honduras
Centro Internacional de Idiomas
Centro International de Idiomas, La Ceiba, Honduras
Harris Communications – Language Programs and Management Seminars
Ixbalanque Escuela de Español, Copán Ruinas
Harris Communications – Language Programs and Management Seminars
Alfalit International – Honduras
Asociación para la Promoción del Desarrollo Educativo – AEF
Ferema – Fundación para la Educación – Ricardo Ernesto Maduro Andreu
Junta de Extremadura / Ministerio de Educación – Acuerdo Programa Alfabetización
Programa de Becas CASS
Proyecto de Educación Bilingüe de la Etnia Tawahka – PEBIT
Academia Los Pinares, Tegucigalpa
American School of Tegucigalpa Official Page
American School of Tegucigalpa Alumni Page
Hamilton School, Tegucigalpa 
Dowal School, Tegucigalpa 
Liceo Franco Hondureño [Francais/Español/English] Colegio trilingüe (francés, español e inglés), ubicado en Tegucigalpa / Trilingual (spanish, french and english) elementary and high school, located in Tegucigalpa.

San Pedro Sula
Academia Americana, San Pedro Sula
Albert Einstein International School, San Pedro SulaComayagua
Escuela Bilingue Honduras, Comayagua
Instituto Privado ComayaguaCopan
Mayatan School, Copan

Day-Star School – Juticalpa, Olancho

La Ceiba
Mazapan School 
Instituto Evangelico Bethel

Cedac – Centro de Diseño, Arquitectura y Construcción
Escuela Agrícola Panamericana – Zamorano (Official Site)
Escuela Agrícola Panamericana – Zamorano
Unitec.edu – Universidad Tecnologica Centroamericana
Universidad Católica de Honduras
Universidad de San Pedro Sula
Universidad Jose Cecilio del Valle
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras – UNAH 
Universidad Pedagógica Nacional
Universidad Tecnológica de Honduras
Universidad Metropolitana de Honduras
Escuela Internacional de Negocios
Promoción La Salle 1979
Secretaría de Educación de Honduras – Secretary of Education in Honduras [Español]


The Secretaría de Educación de Honduras (Department of Education of Honduras) in Honduras is the governmental institute that is responsible for educational standards in Honduras, however, the Ministry of Education does not participate in the regulation of university education.

By constitutional mandate, the National Autonomous University of Honduras (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras – UNAH), “enjoys the exclusive right to organize, lead and develop the higher and vocational education.

In 1989, this policy was augmented by the higher education law establishing the Council of Higher Education, the current administrator of public and private centers of higher education in Honduras apart from UNAH.

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