Honduras Day of the Child

September 10th is Day of the Child in Honduras. Known as (Dia de los Niños). Honduran children celebrate at home, school, with their friends and at parties held by many organizations. It is customary in Honduras for Teachers, Merchants and really adults as a whole to honor the kids special day throughout the country.

Honduras Children's Day

Children’s Day in Honduras; face painting is one of the kids favorites activities

On this day children can within reason get away with just about anything as this is “their day”. Gifts are given out by NGO’s and businesses as well as the customary piñata.

Honduras Day of the Child

Honduras Day of the Child

As is customary during graduations, you are supposed to say “Congratulations” to all kids.

However since gifts are customary, why not consider developing a special talent of the kids or furthering their education. Here is a list of various cultural centers in Honduras where you can send kids a gift for their future.

Honduras Day of the Child Pinata Party

Honduras Day of the Child Pinata Party

Acting, Singing, Dance and Music
Telephone: 9569-0094

Delfines Sampedranos
Telephone: 2566-2848.
Address: Colonia Jardines del Valle, 5 etapa, Bulevar Las Torres, next to Polideportivo Rangers.

Escuela de Música Fonchín:
Guitar, Piano, Drums, Singing, Saxaphone, Trumpet, Tuba
Telephone: 25527339, 99380318 & 99692516.

Ballet, Tap and Contemporary Dance
Telephone: 2558-6282.
Address: Colonia Juan Lindo.

Honduras Idols:
Taekwondo & judo y as well as many other Martial Arts.
Telephone: 25512315.

Alianza Francesa: (French Alliance)
Guitar as well as French Classes
Address: Colonia Altavista, El Playón
Telephone: 25056472, 25056888 & 25663743.

Painting; Canvas and Glass
Telephone: 25571124 & 25042412.

Centro Cultural Infantil:
Art, Dance, Theater for kids accompanied by parents or grand parents.
Telephone: 2557-8639 & 2557-1009.

Escuelita de fútbol Los Halcones:
Mondays and Thursdays at 4:00 pm and at 5:30 pm.
Telephone: 99786739.

Honduras Kids:
Math, Dynamic Reading and more.
Telephone 25160884 & 25162646
Address: Plaza Morpho, Avenida Circunvalación, 6 calle NO

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