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Welcome to Honduras Chat – Established since 1997. Bienvenidos al Chat Hondureño establecido desde 1997.

Honduran Chat Room

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This Honduran chat room is to be used for the exchange of ideas and information regarding the country of Honduras as well as to develop friendships online with Hondurans or discuss emergency situations in Honduras. This chat room was the # 1 source of communication in the Country of Honduras during the Hurricane Mitch disaster in 1998. This Honduran Chat room was used by the Fire Department, Red Cross as well as law enforcement and government officials as at the time it was the only online chat room with a Honduran presence. Honduras.com provides this service free of charge to the world and has setup individual private chat rooms for the a fore mentioned officials.

Chat with Hondurans - Chat de Hondureños

Chat with Hondurans – Chat de Hondureños

Honduras Chat Room

The Honduran Chat room is an established chat with moderators provided to answer any questions. Hondurans and foreigners, English and Spanish. Our chat requires Java and is loading below.

El chat de Catrachos requiere Java.

Please use this chat room for subjects in relation to Honduras information. Click to visit the portal website to Honduras.

Este cuarto de chat es usado para información sobre Honduras
tambien tomen tiempo para visitar el portal de Honduras en Español.

Honduran Forum

The Catracho Forum is located at Catrachos.com.
A good place to exchange ideas and messages with others. What is a Catracho?

El Foro Hondureño esta en Catrachos.com Un buen lugar para intercambiar ideas y mensajes con otros Hondureños. Que es un Catracho?

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